Nine Best Promotional Gifts to Enhance your Brand

Nine Best Promotional Gifts to Enhance your Brand

What is the most ‘effective’ promotional gift for a business? Or where and how the promotional gift will be used? These two are fundamental yet frequently asked questions in the market. Being a business owner, you have to spend on promotional gifts to make and maintain your goodwill in the market.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to find out top promotional gifts used by various businesses:

Sports Bottles

Quite popular at ‘events’ and for frequent use in the office. There’s a lot to choose from, in all forms of funky colors. You can choose a color to match your brand identity. Within different options, you’ll find a few ‘serious’ water bottles intended as ‘fun’ items. However, they all have their role to play.

Sports drink bottle manufacturers are perfect for associating your organization or service with ‘water’ or hydration. Alternatively, it can be seen by folks interested in their health and well-being.

USB Memory Sticks

You’re thoroughly spoilt for choice with this promotional gift! When the right time comes to buy a USB memory stick, you also have to decide on what chip size or how much memory you need?

This is among those gifts that highly appeal to all market sectors. All those who have a laptop will appreciate a gift like this.

Calendars and Diaries

It’s a misconception that these forms of promotional gifts are on the nosedive. Yes, lots of people use computers or hand-held gadgets to manage their diaries. However, there are still people around who appreciate a good and old-fashioned pen and paper.

From desk diaries to pocket diaries to calendars and diary organizers, there’s something for everyone. Also, this question has been outdated: “do you want it in black, blue, or red”?

In several cases, there’s a wide and eye-catching range of colors and maybe one to match your brand identity. If you buy this a diary or a calendar, you have a promotional gift that’ll be used for a year. So, this is what we call ‘memory hook marketing’.

Conference Folders

Printed folders are only used for conferences!! However, the majority of your clients who purchase these use them for anything but conferences. Perfect for day-to-day use by your employees and workers, for handing out files and notes at training seminars, or for use as a quality business gift. This is among the promotional gifts that will be used time and again; an evergreen item!


Whilst this isn’t among the category of promotional gifts that contains a long shelf life as once they’ve consumed, they’re gone. However, with your message, they do have a special part to play. Unlike the other items in this article, where the item may be used for months, weeks, and years, constantly reminding your brand message to the recipient, confectionery, by its nature, will soon be gone. But that’s where its POWER lies.

Suppose you are a Nutella chocolate supplier, if you give a bottle each to your premium clients, it will create a lasting effect for a long time. The simple and obvious reason is that Nutella chocolate is among the luxurious items to have.

Promotional gifts hit your customers ‘senses’. So, this one will capture their sense of ‘taste’ in a way that the other gifts simply can’t. Ideal to use as a promotional giveaway at exhibitions or trade shows, they also can be used in a training room.

Coffee Mugs

A personalized and printed coffee mug is a mind-blowing promotional gift. Today, more than ever, you get so many choices at your disposal. The most unique style of promotional coffee mug is the ceramic or earthenware mug.

Perfect for daily use and with hundreds of shapes, styles, and colors to select from. Also, we are seeing a rising trend towards thermal mugs, theme mugs, or travel mugs. Always remember, if your style needs it, you can even get promotional Bone China coffee mugs!!

Plastic Giveaways

It’s not surprising that this category must feature in the Top Promotional Gifts. There are simply such countless items to look over. Going from the eminent, (Printed Paperclips), to the utilitarian (Printed Rulers), to the strange (windscreen wipers for PC screens) – there’s something for everybody, and all the more critically, every spending plan. This is a famous class as it’s generally ‘financial plan driven’, but recall, not all that is modest is frightful.


Undoubtedly one of the best promotional presents. Printed Bags have numerous uses as promotional gifts. Ranging from the simple carrier and disposable bag to the bag that will be kept and used for years to come. These include

  • shopper bags,
  • laptop bags,
  • sports bags,
  • gym bags,
  • messenger bags,
  • golf bags, and so on.


Final choice! Potentially low-cost and ever-popular printed T-Shirts continue to do well as promotions. However, corporate folks are trading up to the more stylish Polo Shirt that usually means they’ll be embroidered rather than printed.

Embroidery opens up different forms of possibilities in the market of promotional gifts. Once the image has been created and set up, it’s easy to apply it to a wide range of garments.

Traditionally, you need to print bulk garments as you need to keep the costs low. However, embroidery opens up multiple possibilities of having low quantities across a broader range of garments. Whether you go with a budget garment or to an executive item, branded garments or clothing is certainly among powerful promotional gifts.

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