Top 11 B2B Platforms That Generate Massive Business Leads Worldwide

Top 11 B2B Platforms That Generate Massive Business Leads Worldwide

Top B2B websites are playing a key role to serve businesses with desired growth.

In this modern era, the advancement in digital technology has entirely changed the scope of businesses and the districts of financing all across the world. The buying and selling process has taken a new shape. The customer no longer buys in the same manner, while the companies sell their products in a completely different way. With an increase in the competition across the world, the supply and demand of consumers are transforming. Therefore, what customers wanted ten years before is completely the opposite now. In this shifting paradigm, top B2B platforms are playing a key role to serve businesses with desired growth.

With an aggregating demand of the buyers in the market, businesses have to go an extra mile to meet customers’ expectations. Hence, this task has been made much easier due to innovations in technology and online marketing strategies.

Every time a customer desires to buy a specific product or service, there is always a company willing to sell their products to the customer. However, the relationship between businesses and organizations are far beyond the consumers.

B2B Websites Provide Real-Time Services

The B2B company list use various platforms to reach to their potential customers. No matter what the digital marketing platform is, businesses are making use of technology to transform purchases. It also helps in connecting with B2B buyers and offer services to the other end of the world.

Let us examine these top B2B platforms of the world.

These platforms are relevant for companies of different directions and sizes, where both start-up services and Enterprise consulting services will be able to find their clients. 

For instance, a company in the United States is willing to purchase industrial machinery for plant in Virginia. They are aware of the fact that industrial equipment are not easily available and affordable. Instead of local markets, they try to buy their resources from an international market and visit B2B websites to get more information about their product.

The platform will locate complete details about industrial machinery, importers, and exporters globally. It provides information of the product and its purchasing options for import in the United States.

The suppliers also chalk out their potential buyers and approach them to sell their goods and services to them. Even though the fashion of B2B buying and selling is not a unique thing, but the change in technology has transformed the way it works.

Additionally, the unique feature of digital trading and branding has grabbed the position of conventional outreach methods to connect with the potential sellers and buyers. The traders can import or export their goods efficiently without the need of traveling to other countries.

11 Top B2B Platforms Leading The World In 2021

Take a look at some of the top B2B platforms across the world:

1) Alibaba


It is the most famous B2B marketing website in the world. Alibaba is an independent Chinese firm in Hangzhou. Launched in 1999, Alibaba is solely committed to e-commerce, B2B buying and selling, and customer sales networks.

Besides that, it also provides payment methods to online customers, a search engine dedicated to the price differentiation, and cloud storage facilities. is the go-to English-language place for trading across the border. It reaches out to small to large medium enterprises in expanding their products and services to the global clients.

If you are selling your products and services at Alibaba, you can place up to 50 products and services at free of cost. If you avail the premium membership, you can display an unlimited amount of products and services to facilitate your customers.

However, you need quotes for the request and allow the sellers to approach you for your products. Alibaba initially is from the People’s Republic of China. In 2013, the Economist magazine reckoned that the organization is valued to be around $55 billion to $120 billion.

More About Alibaba

The same year, Alibaba attained revenues up to $7.5 billion with nearly 22,000 employees as of March 2014. Alibaba is registered in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange principally because it is one of the renowned and the oldest B2B organization with buyers and sellers all over the world.

Currently, Alibaba has ten companies associated with it. Some of them are Alibaba International, Taobao Tmall, AliExpress and China Smart Logistics, etc.

Since inception, Alibaba has become China’s most dominant e-commerce platform. If we look into what the company has in store for future, we might not be surprised as the e-commerce giant looks to invest its money in its home turf.

Alibaba desires to transform online shopping in China, build-up local Chinese start-ups and invest in other Tech-related industries. Since it is known as the top B2B marketplace, every other B2B portal dreams of competing with Alibaba. This upcoming list of Alibaba competitors are what you should be looking out for.

2) ExportHub

Exporthub Logo

An international B2B marketplace known for its buyers connecting the sellers from all over the globe.

ExportHub operates with an aim to make the operations in the business effective as ever. The skills, the tools, and the knowledge are available for this website, which works tirelessly to facilitate the buyers and suppliers.

Unlike other top B2B platforms, ExportHub also provides exclusive services to the clients. It allows them to choose the plan as per their wishes, with each service having unique traits.

The customers can select different packages from the standard, gold, digital package and VIP. All these packages connect the suppliers to the buyers on a different level, scale, and market.

What Makes ExportHub Different From Other Platforms?

The thing that makes different from top B2B platforms is the fact that absolute value and importance is given to the suppliers when they invest all of their money for profit. This makes sure they fulfill the commitment and there are no chances of fraud or scam.

The platform also keeps a check on each buyer’s and suppliers’ directory to ensure a safe B2B business transaction.

ExportHub also facilitates the buyers through account managers who strive to provide efficient services to its customers.

3) TradeKey

TradeKey - B2B Marketplace

One of the largest B2B marketing, buying, and selling organizations in South Asia. TradeKey has clients mostly from India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Bangladesh.

Among top B2B platforms, TradeKey offers a whole wide B2B directory of importers, buyers, exporters, wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers. With its main headquarter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the platform has over 1000 employees and the highest incoming network traffic from China and the United States.

This B2B website maintained its position among the top B2B platforms since its inception. provides three primary services to its customers. The first function is the option to buy.

Certain customers visit B2B websites looking for a particular product or service. Through TradeKey, they can request their goods to thousands of suppliers present on the website. Whoever has the product and is interested in doing the business will contact the buyer later.

More About TradeKey

TradeKey displays products on the website for its customers. On the website, several products are available for the consumers to choose and interact with sellers, manufacturers, and factories seeking to sell their products for a nominal fee.

The third service TradeKey provides is a wide range of companies available there. You can get in touch with manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors with a vast array of directly available.

TradeKey is one of the responsible websites among top B2B platforms for e-commerce whose primary aim is wholesale trade, import, and export in bulk quantity.

With importers from almost 240 countries, TradeKey has created a secure connection between the buyers and suppliers with an intelligent matching engine and efficient promotional tools.

4) Made-In-China

Made-in-China - B2B Marketplace

Made-In-China is one of the top B2B platforms run by Focus Technology. The primary aim of this successful online operation is to assess and improvise smart and quick web-based solutions to the small or medium organizations.

This website started with a keen sense of observation of the expenditure and perforation of the resources on the internet for the improvement of the Chinese imports/exports and trade.

Focus Technology meets with the business owners and assists them with thorough, original and current information about Chinese goods.

It also provides sufficient data regarding the present available suppliers.

In conclusion, we can safely say that is connecting international buyers and Chinese suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters as a bridge for B2B buying and selling.

It has formed itself as a connecting intermediary to bring forward potential buyers and sellers from several industries to collaborate.

5) IndiaMART

Indiamart Logo

The strongest and the most extensive B2B digital marketing website from India. IndiaMART holds nearly sixty percent of its shares in the market, as per the report generated by IAMAI.

With nearly 1.5 million sellers and up to 1.6 million visitors daily, compared to ThomasNet’s 1.6 million visitors monthly, the Indian market for B2B is massive and growing at a rapid scale.

Like Alibaba and TradeKey, also provides the necessary and premium membership services to its loyal customers. The sellers have the authority to create their page for goods and services, exhibit their products online, contact buyers and sellers globally and offer exciting ways to sell the assets.

The model and modes of operation almost match . Like Alibaba, IndiaMART also provides an opportunity for the sellers to promote their products and invest in the Indian market.

6) DHgate

DHgate - B2B Marketplace

It is a place, which allows importers from all over the world to purchase a few Chinese goods at a reasonable price.

On this website, you can get many electronic items, clothing, sports goods, fashion and makeup and other goods, etc.

DHgate sells nearly thirty million products in almost 230 countries worldwide.

With nearly five million customers all over the world, ranks among one of the top sites to visit in 2017 for B2B buying and selling. In the past few years, businesses at DHgate were low, mainly because of its accusations of being a scamming website.

However, growing popularity of the website removed all its accusations. Like other top B2B platforms, DHgate is also a global manufacturer, supplier, and distributor, and nearly one million Chinese buyers and sellers use the portal.

The website also has a secure monitoring system and regularly tracks all the vendors to see if they are not scamming the customers and take suitable actions against them.

7) GlobalSources

Global Source Logo

Located in Hong Kong, was founded in 1996 and is one of the top B2B platforms trading internationally with China from all over the world. is the best place to find suppliers, importers/exporters, and distributors from across the globe.

The company is now internationally recognized and business friendly.

The aim of this company is to administer and pass along the information to the trading partners, who are always seeking opportunities in meeting their business-related demands.

This organization is unique from the rest. It engages the customers through efficient media services.

Global Sources provides business using different tricks and strategies like participating in events related to international trade, producing digital media content, publishing stories and providing informative B2B research reports, sourcing exports, and imports online and the most important of all, promoting different products through effective marketing campaigns for B2B customers.

8) Ec21

EC21 Logo

It is also one of the top B2B platforms that connects millions of buyers and suppliers from around the world. Since its inception in 1997, has been providing global trade services for small to medium-sized organizations.

Ec21 has achieved a lot of appreciation and trust from its suppliers, importers/exporters, and distributors.

Ever since its premium membership services started back in 2004, the company has opened its offices in China, India, Malaysia, and Russia to capture the market domestically and internationally.

Most businesspersons from the top exporting countries 2019 are present on the site selling their products and services online instead of making physical transactions. 


9) ThomasNet

ThomasNet - B2B Marketplace is a famous North American B2B website with its main headquarters in New York, United Stated. It has nearly 1.8 million monthly buyers.

Previously called ‘The Tomas Register of American Manufacturers,’ Thomas has paved the way for industrial and manufacturing buyers and sellers to meet and exchange goods and services. Since its foundation in 1898, the company has become one of the top B2B platforms for supplier discoveries and product sourcing in the regions of North America and Canada. 

With its global buyers including agents, engineers, and suppliers, etc. use ThomasNet to sell their products all over the world. They also meet with other buyers to attain information about latest industrial and manufacturing goods and services.

The platform is free to register and incorporates product search technology with resourceful companies and their profiles. For the North American market, is an increasingly significant marketplace. It assists nearly six hundred and fifty thousand distributors, manufacturers with sixty-seven thousand categories for industrial goods and services.

10) GlobalSpec is among the top B2B platforms for industrial parts, machines, and services. It is a B2B website of a technology services company with its headquarters in Albany, New York, US. However, it works directly for the North American and Asian markets.

With the increasing demand for industrial parts all over the world, the company has been earning millions by connecting buyers and sellers.

The company’s website offers a complete search engine of industrial and engineering products. It has a massive catalog with almost 24,000 manufacturers and product listings.

Besides, with an increasing percentage of electronic industries in the North American market, GlobalSpec’s payment directory system is well maintained. Businesses can make a list of all the potential customers since the system detects the visits and debug accordingly.

11) SeeBiz

An emerging wholesale platform, SeeBiz is paving its way in the eCommerce world. 

“For the wholesalers, by the wholesalers”, it is a B2B wholesale platform for distributors, vendors, retailers, agents, and manufacturers all across the USA. 

Here, all of these wholesale stakeholders can freely interact and conduct business with each other.

When it comes to clothing, it has a long list of categories with different clothing items of every season and material. You can find men & women clothing, unisex clothes, kid’s clothes, costumes, fancy gowns and so much more. You name it and they have it.

The Verdict!

With this list of the top B2B platforms in the world, you can choose which one to start from. Before selecting, find out which platform will fit your requirements and target your potential market. Also, once you are sure about the products you plan on dealing with and the target market, you can choose a B2B platform and start connecting with clients and B2B buyers globally.

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