Exploring The Benefits Of Blogging In Marketing

Exploring The Benefits Of Blogging In Marketing

If you are wondering why your business needs a blog, let me throw a couple of hints at you. With almost 4 billion people currently connected to the internet, more than 400 million of them are visiting over 20 million pages per month. This is the best time to start blogging for business. 

Through your blog, you get a clear view of your clientele and their expectations. They, on the other hand, get to meet different aspects of your brand and interact with you in return. You can build a community based on trust and engagement in similar topics.

You can promote your business, share any updates to your services, share your expertise on certain topics and drive more traffic to your website. In this article, we are going to highlight the many benefits of blogging to boost the awareness of your business and gain more leads. You can also check out CLICKVISION Digital for more questions and topics related to marketing and social media growth. 

The Benefits of Blogging In Marketing 

Brings website traffic for free

To increase your website traffic, you should increase the awareness of your business and determine how can you stand out in your industry.

Maybe your first option is to place a ton of paid ads which sure, can help. Is it sustainable though? If you want to remind your visitors to come back through ads, it will cost you a pretty penny. 

Thanks to blogging, you can achieve this goal. First of all, by posting regularly, and often updating your current clientele, you will increase your index pages. By optimizing your website for search engines, your content might get to the top of the search. This is a very crucial point since your new visitors can’t just write your name and find your site, they should stumble upon it. 

You can get that result if the search engines recognize your content as a reliable and valuable source of information. As more people find their answers within your blogs, they will start to trust you and come back if they have some more questions. They may start engaging with your brand, subscribe to your blog, and share it with their friends. 

Converts traffic to leads

Since you are attracted to a certain amount of traffic, you have the opportunity to convert that traffic into leads. By engaging with your visitors and regularly sharing new content, they may stick around. You can also offer a subscription to your blog page through call-to-action buttons. 

They can be notified about any new blog post and may proceed to visit your page. Not only that but you can also use those emails for marketing purposes like promoting special offers, promoting your business, sharing upcoming events, and many more.

Keep in mind that not all visitors will become leads, and that’s fine. As long as you keep blogging and engaging with your audience you’ll improve your reach.

You can share company news

Using your platform to share news about your company can benefit your business tremendously. This way you are not only showing the human side of your business but you’re also breaking the image of a company that is only here to sell. 

It’ll be in your best interest to once in a while shatter the dullness of uploading only article format posts and share something more dynamic and up-to-date involving your brand. Share if you hired someone new, present a new case study that showcases your products or services, or may be just announces an event that you are arranging. Not only that you’ll keep people updated but also get them interested to participate one way or another if possible.

It offers permanent well-being 

Blogging can benefit your business the same as changing your diet for the better. It takes time to see results but once you see them, it’s all worth it. You have to create content, you have to answer as many questions asked by your target audience, and tackle their confusion. 

Your blog can be the biggest help to some everyday folk that may be trying to get a loan or invest in a house. Those answers will lead them back to you. Post consistent, valuable information that resolves their doubts regarding topics from your industry. In the best scenario, that will lead them to purchase your services or products.  

People that will read your blog will also be more informed of what you have to offer compared to your competitors. They will be aware of your status in your industry. Blogging can make your sales go much smoother since your consumers are aware of your business and well informed of your services.

At the end of the day, when someone stumbles upon your blog, after many years of blogging, they will see that you were actively engaging and sharing content throughout those years, making a name for yourself within your industry. 

Boosts SEO

The fact that blogging introduces fresh content to your website regularly, gives Google, and other search engines the indication that you may be a relevant resource. They love to provide fresh and reliable content to searchers. The more you post and the more you are up-to-date, the better.

Having a blog and posting regularly may boost your indexed pages up to 434%. This means that search engines are more likely to recognize your site and plug in those keywords to push your content closer to the top of the search. This will bring more traffic to your website or in other words, more opportunities for converting visitors into consumers.

However, this doesn’t mean that quantity should overpower quality. You should have your posting schedule aligned with your resources. Post regularly, not too much, not too little. Keep it sustainable and within your time and budget frame. If it’s you post once a week, let it be once a week.

Free publicity

By blogging you get your business out there. You can be sure that people visiting your blog will link back to your website and maybe share it with their friends. Since you can be more vocal about certain topics and open discussions, you may even grab the attention of journalists or people involved in your industry. And who knows, maybe you’ll go viral.

You can also publish your blogs on guest platforms in case you don’t have a blog page, or just want to expand your reach. Take a look at exporthub.co and their services if you think guest blogging might be for you. 

Builds community

If your brand lacks showing any personality, start blogging. Showing that your brand is not only here to sell something, is essential when we talk about the benefits of blogging. There’s nothing more intimate about your brand than communicating with your audience. Blogging is a great way to build connections and open up new conversations surrounding the shared interests in your community.

You also get an insight into your audience’s expectations since they can comment on your blogs and interact with you. Listen to their feedback and take notes. 

Through your blog, visitors can learn more about your business’s personality and get a sense of community. That for sure helps improve your sales or even increase the number of new prospects. If you gain their trust, they will come to you more often and get more interested in your brand which eventually leads to purchasing your services.

The tough part though is to keep that audience involved. Frequently posting high-quality content is the key to making your consumers want more from you. That creates value for your customers leading to them choosing your business over an unfamiliar one.

Establishes authority 

Blog posting enables you to shine in your area of expertise. By sharing valuable content with your readers, you can establish yourself and your business as a “go-to” resource, leading to better customer rates. 

You should build your credibility among your audience by posting your knowledge on certain topics that are also targeting their needs. This will help you build yourself up and be known as an industry expert. If you gain your audience’s trust, you are not far away from gaining their loyalty.


It’s no secret that you can obtain a lot by creating a blog. Especially if your business needs more exposure and new expansion of its traffic. According to content marketing research, you can produce over 60% more leads when you blog. 

You can create a strong community of people loyal to your brand, and it can only expand. By regularly posting and engaging your content will get noticed and taken care of by search engines. Starting new conversations among your community will show a more intimate and friendly side of your business which can be highly appreciated.

The benefits of blogging are numerous and as long as your blog, they will keep coming. In case you don’t have a blog for your business, now is the time to make one. 



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