We are ExportHub, where a huge number of tech enthusiasts go each day for unique, informative and inspirational content that feeds their passion, skills, expertise and competence. As a contributor for us, you will be responsible for providing our audience with news, trend updates and comprehensive information associated with technology. Are you ready to write for us?

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Want To Submit A Guest Post?

Our team of writers are impeccable but there’s always room for improvement. They don’t know everything, and are occupied enough to get into diverse tech details of different fields and often don’t have hands-on experience like industry thought leaders. That is why we decided to create a platform where experts belonging to different industries can share their experience and original insights with our readers by simply writing for us.

ExportHub.co is also about developing communities and we are planning on to do that with our contributor platform. Experts from different industries who are willing to write for us as frequent contributors and intend to establish the relationship with PR intermediaries are most welcome! However, we are going to set the bar high and will only say yes to incredible writers with credible and authoritative knowledge in the respective field.

Why You Should Write For Us?

For many reasons, guest blogging seems ideal for business growth. Whether you’re an individual running a startup or a large corporation, guest blogging can help you in the following ways:

Increased Quantity of Quality Traffic

Bloggers witness significant uplift in the number of visitors redirecting from guest blogs to their website.

Stronger Subscriber Base

Subscribers are one of the most interesting things about guest blogging. You are most likely to gain far more subscribers from guest blogging than you will gain in normally.

Improved Search Engine & Domain Authority

Over the time credible content earns better Google Page rank without you having to invest time in any special SEO tactics or purchase multiple links.

Greater Online Influence 

Guest blogging on blogs other than yours feeds the minds of readers and creates a positive image of you.

Write for Us

To be honest, writing for ExportHub is going to require hard work. We expect your blogs to be at there best and to make this happen we are here to help. Once accepted, our team will share extensive feedback and may ask you for revisions if needed.

What’s in it for you? With thousands of peers visiting our blog including potential employers, publishers and clients, your work has great tendency of being noticed. A contributor’s experience overall also involves fruitful learning down the road with an exceptional platform that allows communicating ideas and experiences.

What We’re Looking For

To help us look into your interests you can submit a rough draft, a partial draft or a pitch that summarizes what you want to contribute and why it would matter to our readers. Our feedback will be directly proportional to the plenitude of your submission. To ensure that, make sure you add an outline of your article as well. We adhere to unique content and do not publish anything that is present elsewhere.

Our Content:

Everything on our blog relates to the readers and we ensure that things don’t go any other way. Quality, authenticity and credibility of the content are most crucial factors that we look for.


Our readers are already well versed in basic information regarding B2B tech and the purpose of our blog is to provide them with new and fruitful information.

Our Tone: 

We adhere to a professional yet engaging tone that syncs perfectly with the flow of content. A voice that is bold, interesting and human works best for us.

What We Publish

We prefer blog posts based on authentic reporting and analysis. A thesis or clear argument is highly encouraged as compared to a list of simple tips and tricks.

We have varying blog sections and submissions to any one of them should have word count range between 600-800 words and feature articles should not be less than 1200 words. In case of original reporting, we suggest you to pitch ideas to the editor first. business advice “write for us”

If you choose to attach a complete article be sure that you are submitting in word format and not PDF.

To acknowledge the relevant and credible resources only, hyperlinks can be used.

Owing to the huge number of submissions we receive, our team will contact you only if we like your idea and are ready to publish your writing piece. Expect us to reach back in 10 business days, if we don’t, feel free to submit your blog elsewhere.

Note that your audience will be SEOers, digital marketers, tech enthusiasts, information architects and similar people.

How to Submit

If you want to write for us, submit your pitch or complete blog for consideration at beatrice@exporthub.co.

What’s next

After your document is successfully submitted here’s what happens next:

Our editor will go through your submission and determine whether it complies with our requirements. If so, the team will review and discuss it.

Everyone in the team will provide feedback and the editor will get back to you with notes.

After you address the comments we’ve made, send back the revised draft. It will be reviewed again and you will be informed if we want to accept it.

Once we declare that your article is accepted our editor will work closely with you on style, organization and argumentation.

When your article will be ready to go live after all the revisions are completed we will schedule it for publication.

We’ll contact you with the date for publication as soon as revisions are complete. We can’t give you a specific publication date until the article is ready to go live.