When it comes to comfortable attire, leggings stand as an essential wardrobe piece but are not without their share of controversy. Sometimes it is challenging how to wear and what to wear with leggings. This blog will help you to style leggings in fall, spring, winter, and summer.

Leggings have been around for centuries, made from various materials and used for a variety of purposes. Their adaptability, updating, and transformation have made them a closet staple. Season after season, as materials and colors changed, the classic black leggings are the ever-versatile foundation of the wardrobe. You can pair it with any outfit, any time effortlessly. Don’t hesitate and wear legging outfits almost anywhere you want to go.


Before we get into what to wear with leggings, I want to clarify what is meant by it. I am not referring to workout leggings you’re trying to pass off as everyday casual wear. The leggings I am talking about in this style guide are black, sometimes black leather, or dark gray leggings that end at the ankle. These leggings are made from thicker fabric and do not extend to cover your feet.

Sometimes leggings are confused with tights. A tight can be absolute opaque, opaque, or sheer, and goes from the waist to your toes. Worn in crazy prints, textures, and colors.


It’s better to prefer dressy leggings that are made of thick material. Make sure they are comfortable and soft and make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Your leggings should be form-fitting to create a flattering and contoured look. Moreover, it will enhance the appearance of your legs and provide you with a comfortable fit.

My suggestion is not to buy too thin leggings; otherwise, you will feel very uncomfortable.

Lastly, legging is a versatile piece and can be worn at work, on casual weekends, or dressy nights out. You can pair it with a tunic or a long cardigan.

Always invest in good quality leggings. It might cost you more but they are worth it if it fits you well. These quality pieces can be worn on numerous occasions throughout the year and elevate the allure of your legs.

Personally, I prefer black leggings and wearing them most of the time because of their versatility and flattering silhouette. It is one of the essential pieces in my wardrobe. One piece of advice is not to splurge more than $100 on leggings if you’re not sure about how often you’ll wear them.

My final Shopping Tip: Don’t Forget To Try Them On!

Try on the leggings at the store rather than at home. Additionally, ask for shopping assistance; their expertise will help you make the perfect choice and what to wear with leggings to level up your dressing game.

How To Wear Leggings:

For an everlasting touch of style, follow these savvy tips. They hold the key to selecting the perfect leggings and mastering the art of turning heads in any crowd. Let’s unlock the secret to look effortlessly chic!

-Make sure the leggings are soft and comfortable.

-Wear the leggings with the right shoes.

-Stick to the solid colors.

-Opt for the well-fitted leggings

-Pair leggings with cozy sweaters or longer tops that cover the buttocks or rear end.

-Wear the right underwear with leggings.

Layer your tops to create a balanced look. 

-Make sure that the leggings are the perfect length.

-Make sure to keep it classy and stick to the dark-colored leggings.


Besides mastering how to wear leggings, it’s better to know what not to pair with them. Some of the things you should avoid when wearing leggings are:

-Not to wear bright neon-colored leggings.

-Not to wear faded leggings, no matter what shade it used to be.

-Avoid wearing glossy or shiny spandex leggings.

-Avoid wearing crazy patterned leggings. 

-Do not wear too loose or stretched-out leggings.

-Avoid wearing too thin or see-through leggings.

-Do not wear leggings with loose seams or holes and rips.

-Do not pair leggings with a snug-fitting top.

-Wearing white leggings and pairing them with longer shirts, dresses, or tunics can turn maximum heads towards you.

-If you want to wear leggings in a professional work environment, then dress them up.


With this leggings style guide, I hope many of your what to wear with leggings questions have been answered. Now that you have the style tips, you can create your own cute leggings outfits.

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