6 Must-Know Measures for Enterprise CIOs about Website Security

6 Must-Know Measures for Enterprise CIOs about Website Security

The jargon of the current day enterprise world is the security threat. In recent years companies and enterprises have faced a lot of cyber threats that made them tired of moving any forward in their businesses. There is an urge for CIOs of Enterprises to come up with better plans to overcome such threats in 2020.

A big threshold has raised to protect enterprises from cyber threats, and CIOs are actively performing to protect their companies and organizations. In today’s post, let’s look into seven measures that every CIO should consider in order to secure their Enterprise online presence & website security. Would you be interested to know how it works?

Let’s get started!!!

Planning the most important measures for your enterprise’s website security:

#1 Plan to prepare:

 The effective way that a CIO could plan to secure his organization is preparing it to respond to a disaster. Securing an organization or an enterprise from security threats is not just having it protected from disaster instead of getting it prepared to respond to any situation that arises.

Any experienced CIO would take a possible measure that would meet the future needs of the organization rather than just addressing the problem. This eventually helps you to estimate where you might need a resource to help you sort the problem and recover at the earliest.

#2 Keep yourself posted:

The most important thing that a CIO should do is “EDUCATE.” A CIO is not just meant to keep himself updated about the offensive and the defensive measures of cybersecurity rather it is recommended that every CIO should educate their organization members about the advancements.

We all are aware of the fluctuating cyber tactics; hence business heads need to understand and upgrade themselves according to the current trends of the cyber world. The best ways to stay ahead are, get in touch with experts available on social media, finding TED Talks, arrange a session with RSA and Black Hat as well learn about free security frameworks and take guidance presented on NIST.

#3 Equipping Humans:

There are chances of your plans going weary in a period of time. Hence it is encouraged that CIOs should take initiative in educating their employees in securely handling the internet. There are a few common ways in which phishing attacks can occur; they are as follows

  • Spamming emails
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Saved passwords

The above-mentioned are the prevalent mistakes that every human being responds to. Most of the time, we share our Wi-Fi Hotspot or even share Organizations Wi-Fi to our guests. This builds an open door for attackers to peep into our network. Responding to spamming emails or leaving personal account details behind the network would make it easy for trojans to enter or steal your personal details.

Educating employees or securing the network with specific network security measures can help you protect your organization’s details.

#4 Securing physical aspects:

In the world of growing internet users, people have forgotten the threats that would occur physically. In recent days, smart buildings have started to evolve, and many have implemented it in their buildings. This may seem very interesting and the biggest up-gradation for offices, yet they pave the way for the biggest threat.

People shouldn’t forget that there are threats, even in the physical world. It is good to upgrade the physical atmosphere of their organization for better experiences; at the same time, it is much more essential to secure their organization’s information and data. CIOs can take measurable steps on how to handle smart buildings in a very secure way. This can help them being secured even in intelligent buildings.

#5 Securing with SSL certificate:

SSL certificate plays a significant role in website security, whereas to secure multiple subdomains, you should try the option of installation of a Wildcard SSL certificate to a business or enterprise-oriented website, which would make financial sense. It is because handling multiple sub-domains under a single domain would be a hectic task for other SSL certificates, whereas; a Cheapest Wildcard SSL certificate would make it easy to protect multiple subdomains under a single server.

Just a single IP address is required to secure all the servers that you handle. The standard way to install an SSL certificate is, one can check if the current SSL provider is offering an SSL certificate. There is free SSL available, yet it is better to install a paid version of the SSL certificate.

#6 Cyber and Business Strategies work parallelly:

Most of the time, CIOs address cyber risks as an individual aspect as if it is something which is not related to the business or it is no were to offend their business. I would say, cybersecurity is something that should be associated with the enterprise business.

Cybersecurity is the most crucial aspect of any other business implications. Theresa Payton, Former White House CIO and CEO of security firm says, “CIOs must acknowledge the significant implications a negative event can have on a company’s reputation and do everything in their power to balance implementing technologies and to create interoperability while also fending off cybercriminals.”

Wrap up:

The best and the simplest way for an Enterprise CIO is to make sure they stay creative, purposeful, innovative, and mindful of how to handle their enterprise website security.

We see there is a day to day advancements in the web world. And it is so much required to stay awake at any circumstance to secure their organization. You can carry the above checklist if you have evolved all the measures mentioned above for the development of your organization. If not try some of these that it may help you grow your organization.


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