5 Ways to Plan Your Business Trip to Perfection

5 Ways to Plan Your Business Trip to Perfection

In the global world of today, time zones are no barrier to brokering the deal of the century, but how do you make sure your business trip is planned to perfection?

Making sure your excursion runs smoothly is vital to ensure you arrive at your destination relaxed, de-stressed and well-prepared. If you want your next business trip to go off without a hitch, then make sure to follow these top tips below.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Planning your business trip thoroughly is essential. The crucial first step to take into consideration is your corporate travel policy. Being compliant with this policy is vital. You are planning a work trip, not a weekend getaway, and it’s essential to ensure that you follow your business’ policies correctly.

Once you know the correct policies to adhere to it’s time to book your trip. Consider your journey, visualise how you are going to get from A to B. What type of transport will you need to consider? Remember to include the time of transport changeovers, from the train station to the airport etc. And to account for rush hour delays.

Shop around for the best deals. There are a variety of price comparison sites that can cater for a range of budgets. Always be aware of your budget constraints and refer back to your corporate travel policy.

It’s all about the details

Details are an essential thing to take into account. The more you prepare, the more confident you will arrive. Simple stuff like WiFi on the plane, in your hotel or on the train journey can all help you prepare on the move.

The best way to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch is to create a detailed itinerary. This is the sitemap for your successful business trip. Your plan will help you stay in control of every detail. Include your transport times, travel reservations, hotel address and even the names of the people you are meeting. Remember to allow yourself extra time for delays or meetings that might overrun, for rush hour traffic and also for some rest and relaxation in-between.

Research about your destination

Researching your destination is essential to avoid any unknown risks, even if you have visited this destination previously.

If you are travelling to a country with different customs on your own, it would be best to research different behaviours or manners beforehand. This will stop you looking foolish or even worse from causing offence. There are also considerations to take note of, such as eating or tipping etiquette for those important business meals.

If the country you are travelling to doesn’t speak your language, it would be polite to learn some basic phrases such as please or thank you. This will not only help you get by in this country it will also ensure that you make a great first impression.

Certain cities or areas could have a high crime rate so it’s important to be aware of this so you can take precautions beforehand. It would also be advisable to be mindful of the current political situation in your destination.

What travel documents will you need?

The worst thing you can do is put all this planning into a successful trip and then fall short on the preparation of your travel documents. Travelling within certain countries may require a visa so it’s important to know this in advance as some can be costly and take time to acquire. You will also need to make sure your identification is in date, even if you are not travelling to another country you will need to use a valid form of ID.

Phone, Tablet, Laptop?

Make sure you bring everything you will need for your trip. Your electronic devices will be a vital piece of kit for your trip so if you are going to a different country remember to bring the correct travel adaptor for this region.  

Now it’s time to prep!

Okay, so all the hard work is over, and you are fully prepared for the logistics of your trip, now it’s time for the most critical part, it’s time to prepare for your meeting.

Help improve your focus by making a note of your business objectives and what you want to achieve out of this meeting. Arm yourself with as much information as possible about who you are meeting, their company policies, even simple things such as the dress code.

If you are presenting, emailing ahead to check what format they use, whether there are suitable screens or cables available can help avoid confusion or any awkwardness.

It’s important to remember that first impressions count. So ensure you give yourself the right tools to make one. If you follow these simple step of setting time aside to research, prepare and plan your business trip you will be able to create a productive, enjoyable experience.

Sarah McCann is the Blog Editor at Irish Parcels, a courier service based in Dublin that helps businesses reach their customers all around the world.

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