Why Video Marketing in Businesses are the Secret Ingredient

Why Video Marketing in Businesses are the Secret Ingredient

With more and more people spending time online, it’s quite evident that conventional advertising mediums are taking the back seat. Bandwidth costs are also coming down gradually, making it natural for online videos to become more viable.

Just the simple use of the right techniques and tools and nothing can stop you from making online videos that work for you. Such videos will not just help with business promotion online but will also convert into more traffic resulting in more sales.

So, now it is clear that video marketing in businesses is the secret ingredient.

But have you ever wondered what makes a good video? What is it that keeps the viewers tied up? Is it the story? Or is it reaching the right viewer at the right time?

Let’s jump in and find the video marketing statistics that make the procedure a secret ingredient for businesses.

Video Marketing Helps in Boosting Conversion Rates

Video marketing should be considered an investment. Good quality videos, especially the ones on landing pages, can increase conversions by about 80%. When viewers get to watch compelling presenters in videos, their buying behavior is influenced, and they ultimately get converted into leads.

Videos help in conveying the perfect emotions, and thus, they serve as one of the most powerful selling tools. Additionally, they also serve as in-built testimonials or tutorials based on the angle a business is going for.

Video Marketing Goes Hand in Hand with Email Marketing

Our mailing addresses are flooded with emails these days, but we hardly feel like opening all the emails we receive. That’s where the point lies. Getting someone to open an email is challenging mainly because of the limited time viewers have in their hands.

Your email marketing will get a boost simply by adding the term “video” in the subject of your mail. This will decrease unsubscribe rates and increase the open rates. Emails with videos can lead to a 200 to 300% increase in click-through rates. This is staggering video marketing statistics, right?

But the fact that watching a video is far easier than sitting and reading text cannot be denied. This goes particularly effective in situations where you need to demonstrate the use of a product. Of course, business video marketing can be expensive. It might cost a whopping $3 000 to $20 000.

So, it’s important to do things differently. You have the option of going for software that creates top-quality videos while slashing the costs of producing the same. Professional videos will always generate leads, provided they are made to win business.

Good Quality Video Marketing Influences Buying Decisions

Around 90% of customers are of the view that product videos help them make the right buying decision, while 64% agree that watching videos makes them purchase a product.

On the other hand, around 97% of marketers state that video marketing has helped them increase user understanding of their services and products.

Video Marketing Helps Businesses in Giving What Customers Want

Nowadays, people prefer video content more than anything else. In other words, video marketing has become the talk of the season, with other procedures like social images, newsletters, emails, blog posts, downloadable content, and social videos taking the backstage.

Customers use different methods to research the available options when they are buying something. Some top techniques in this category include visiting the official site of the company or the product, using search engines, watching videos, and going through review sites.

Good quality, informative and attractive videos can be incorporated easily into all these spots for giving brands good chances of convincing their consumers.

Search Engines are in Love with Videos

Video marketing goes a long way in improving the ranking of a site on the search engine result pages. The time visitors spend on your site page once they arrive on it through a Google search has a major impact on the ranking of your site.

Videos are incredibly effective ways of bumping up this metric. Considering the fact that an average online user spends around 88% more time on a site containing video, such sites have more dwell time in comparison to the ones that do not contain videos.

Dwell time is what Google uses for ranking websites, and the ones with longer dwell times will obviously rank higher on the search engine result pages. Not just Google but even YouTube is a popular search engine.

Hence, putting your video on YouTube along with your site will increase your scope of showing up in the search results online. What’s more? Promoting your video through social media will increase your chances of being found.

Videos Help with Branding and in Building Consumer Trust

Video marketing is the ideal way of creating the personality of the brand and the company. This further enables businesses to connect with the viewers and in earning their trust. The more videos are present on your site for educating and informing the customers, the more you will be building the trust of the customers on that foundation. Remember, trust converts into sales!

Good quality video marketing offers an engaging, holistic and personal connection faster than any other marketing medium. For example, behind-the-scenes videos and employee interview footage are wonderful ways of showing the personality of your brand.

Such videos help in building engagement while also creating a relation between potential customers and a business.

Videos Complement Marketing Statistics

One of the best things about video marketing is that it can complement your present marketing statistics. For example, currently, if you are into weekly blogs, you can easily transform them into video format.

Useful how-to-blogs can easily be transformed into how-to videos, offering viewers another way of getting attracted to a business.


Video marketing is something that is growing at a very fast pace, with the scope of results being high. The only thing that can limit you in this field is your imagination. Starting from the use of Facebook live to creating top-quality how-to videos, the opportunities in this field are endless.

Since video marketing is not just for the big brands anymore, it is probably the secret ingredient for businesses of all types and caliber.

Tom Spiggle

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