Want to Travel Like a Local? Get UrbanBird

Want to Travel Like a Local? Get UrbanBird

These days, everyone desires to travel like a local person. But even at times, a local is not sure about the best places to hangout resulting in missing out on some fabulous places which are outside the usual circles. Keeping that in mind, an application, UrbanBird is here to assist everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local who desires to learn more about his city, or a visitor checking out on places to travel and explore different cultures.

UrbanBird repairs the value of the pictures by exhibiting photos on engaging maps by where it was taken. Using the data saved on the images (taken through a professional camera or a mobile phone), it’s viable to filter all the images based on date, location, and the type of activity is captured, etc. Having called itself like a replica of Twitter; but for photos, UrbanBird makes it convenient for the users to search and organize photos through hashtags.

Not only does the app provides with a suitable method to hold onto the importance which at times stays confined inside an image or vanishes with time, but the application itself relates itself as a fantastic discovery and sharing tool for the people. The photos which are publically uploaded are searched through hashtags.

The process is simple, just click on a box placed at the bottom of the photos and collect suggestions for places alike. Parks, restaurants, museums, and what not could be searched through hashtags.

Founder and developer of the application Toni Peinoit says, “We’ve imagined a self-learning, semantic platform that aims to answer your search queries without a single word.” He also believes that by understanding the personality, environment, and things that make the traveling so different and so enjoyable, UrbanBird provides with decent recommendations for users to travel the world.

Toni believes that UrbanBird is focused both on the social and personal side of storing the photos and widely enjoys the aspect of sharing the images with the people. He says that for personal pictures, you might wish for a decent display and wants to explore the photos you took sometimes. This goes out for recent pictures as well. There are times when people take photos completely oblivious to the fact where they were taken.

The social aspect is there as well since people have the option of sharing the pictures with their friends. UrbanBird provides an effective way to share the photos on social sites, less complicated than the conventional picture wall which people usually share on Facebook.

Also, the users have an advantage of sharing their photos with the general audience or wish to keep it private to a limited audience.

Just like other apps depending heavily on data generated by the users, UrbanBird is improving in all aspects with more people starting to download it. However, a lot of changes and improvements are to be made, and the team is working hard to ensure people enjoy and learn different cultures efficiently.

Some significant achievements have made UrbanBird what it is today. With more than five million locations and pictures all over the world, a rating of five-stars by the majority of users, along with a number one search for the explore nearby keyword, it has achieved a lot of success in a short span of time. Therefore, if you are planning to enjoy different cultures just like a local, on your own, download the app now and discover amazing places from around the world.

Web page: https://urbanbird.io/


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