Traditional Gold Wedding Bands For Men – Classic, Stylish And More

Traditional Gold Wedding Bands For Men – Classic, Stylish And More

Noted as one of the most top-rated wedding bands for men out there, gold ones are the traditional options for those, who love to value their culture and spirit together. Previously, it was only the yellow gold used for manufacturing wedding rings for men. Well, the things have changed in the past couple of years and now you can get hold of the rose gold and the white gold options to make a wedding ring for men. Sometimes, these two versions are combined to create that perfect second hand wedding rings, designed for long lasting usability.

More About the Yellow and White Gold:

Though not quite strong as the platinum ones, but both white and yellow gold are solid options when it comes to wedding bands for men. Even though both are made using pure gold raw material, but there are different in their own ways. They both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

1: Yellow gold is always noted to be the timeless and traditional choice for second hand bride dress for women. Made using pure gold with a mixture of copper and silver, this kind of gold will offer that warm hue, which will never go out of style. It will also make those diamonds pop!

2: Then you have the white gold on the other hand. It is noted for its more contemporary style, which will combine the pure gold with that of the other metals like silver, nickel, palladium, zinc and copper.

3: The white color of the white gold will gladly reflect that sparkle of the used diamond necklace. It will provide that ultimate illusion that the stones are brighter and bigger.

Now, there is a downside of the yellow and white gold as well and that has to do with the strength. Good news is that the rhodium plating can always help in improving durability in the white gold and make it more reflective and lustrous. But, it will wear off with time and can be re-plated after few years.

Some companies are here to offer lifetime warranty that will cover the re-plating and re-polishing. They are here for the most promising rings for me on their big day. To learn about all the other options available, don’t forget to Click here.

Rose Gold:

Apart from that traditional white or yellow gold, men can also choose the rose gold for wedding band. This is made from proper combination of copper and pure gold. This combination will help the metal to have more reddish or pinkish hue. Some people might even consider the rose gold to be romantic because of its pink like tint. It is a perfect mixing of gold with copper for that beautiful color. It will also make metal durable.

Copper is very strong metal and can provide that ultimate strength to the rose gold. While shopping for the rose gold value, make sure to go for both 14K and 18K options. Check out all the variations first before making the right move.

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