Top 5 Ways to Rank on Amazon

Top 5 Ways to Rank on Amazon

Unlike Google, ranking your product on Amazon is a whole new experience. Raising the bars for e-commerce and online retail, this massive platform stands atop each of its competitors, moving ahead every single day. Having a higher product ranking on Amazon not only increases your sales but also connects you to potential customers from all around the world. For business and sellers looking to ace this, it is important for them to first understand how Amazon’s famous search algorithm the A9, works.

A9: Understanding the Working and Ranking Factors

Amazon’s algorithm for product search varies greatly from Google’s in terms of working, functionality and search results. When you search for a product keyword on Amazon, the algorithm fetches relevant results from its enormous catalogue and then ranks them according to their relevancy.

While Google gives more preference to answering accurately to the user’s search query, Amazon makes sure to list out results that the user is most likely to buy or will be best suited to him. This is the reason why the relevance criteria are poles apart for both Google and Amazon. From what we have observed, Amazon uses human judgements, business metrics, programmatic analysis and performance metrics to continuously evaluate its algorithm making it more useful and help generate revenue per each user searched query. Every time you hear about ranking and marketing you don’t possibly need a hand from a Digital Marketing Services Company, this is pretty basic stuff.

Having a higher ranking among the Amazon search results not only increases your click-through rate (CTR) but also boosts your website’s conversion rate since most people who see your products listing page at Amazon end up visiting your website too.

Amazon’s ranking factor comprises of three categories:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Relevancy
  • Positive Customer Feedback

It is significant for sellers to have positive reviews, competitive prices and good images put up on their product page so they can have a higher conversion rate. Alternatively, they also need to make sure to have relevant products and positive customer feedbacks so A9 will automatically know when to push them up on the search rankings.

 Ranking on Amazon Means Selling Faster – But, How?

Based on the categories above, here are the top five ways that Amazon uses to rank your products on its website:

1.     Sales Rank

The sales rank factor tallies the number of sales that a product has made to determine its position in the search results page. Your product’s sales revenue, if higher, when compared to other products, can simply put you on an upper ranking when searched for. Yes, the sales might boost your rankings but the sales itself is directly related to many other factors like providing a good service, offering customer support and meeting user needs.

2.     Customer Reviews

Amazon’s product search algorithm evaluates every little factor before listing a product higher in its rankings. One such factor is customer reviews. The number of positive customer reviews you receive matters a lot because not only it will generate more customers but also help sell your product better.  

3.     Title

Product title is always the first thing that people notice. A title comprising of brief specifications, a keyword and name of the product will be best suited to increase your conversion rate and hence the ranking. Make sure it is under 200 words and is easy to read. 

4.     Product Description

For online businesses, it is important to use the product description column for both describing your product features and incorporating the relevant keywords. A good and note-worthy description that most digital marketing service companies use help to catch user’s attention, increase their engagement and hence improve the conversion rate. This as a result directly relate to a higher rank in the product search results.

5.     Price

One of the most important ranking factors is pricing. Amazon uses various product pricing in picking up which product to show in the rankings. Most customers look for products that have the best deals and are affordable for them.


Amazon Consultant Services to rank higher on Amazon rankings, you don’t just have to focus on one of the ranking parameters. Instead, keep a balance between all of them. Make sure your products have relevant information, are well described, and are competitively priced so they are visible to maximum users. With higher sales, you will automatically be pushed to the top of the search rankings.

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