, Get organized, Simplify Your Life and to Get Things Done, Get organized, Simplify Your Life and to Get Things Done

Get Organized Simpler Than Ever

Of the dozens of applications available online to manage your calendar, you may not have found the one that meets all your expectations. Some are merely lists of things to do; others are associated with a series of mobile applications you do not need, while a third category brings together complicated software that must be downloaded and then taught to use., on the other hand, is a free online application for task management, a complete tool whose sole purpose is to simplify your life. helps you to create, organize and accomplish your daily tasks and manage them effectively in any place. A simple Internet connection is enough to have access everywhere to your list of jobs and to follow the progress of your projects day after day. This colorful, intuitive and easy-to-use site allows you to filter information based on the selection criteria you determine, to rank your tasks according to their priority and to put them in groups, subgroups, and projects (desktop, home, shopping list, etc.), then edit and move them (in the drag & drop mode) as you wish.

Several options are still missing, such as email alerts or the possibility of making the calendar public. That said, the site is still in beta, and its authors have already planned to add (including) these two functions. A single flat note to report: the site is available only in the language of Shakespeare.



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