The Benefits of Being A Medical Transcriptionist In Healthcare

The Benefits of Being A Medical Transcriptionist In Healthcare

When it comes to your healthcare for yourself or for loved ones you only want the best. It’s essential for any facility, large or small, to maintain proper care for those loved ones and accurate and reliable healthcare documentation plays a major part in that care. The need to write down any medical procedures can be an easily comprehensible manner for future references. Do you know what all that medical jargon needs to be? No but someone that does and you may not know about is a medical transcriptionist. Never heard of one? They are one of the hidden gems in the medical industry and field that are extremely critical to helping your loved ones and yourself receive that care. A medical transcriptionist has to ideally undestand all of that jargon used by doctors and physicians and then document it in a way that’s easy to comprehend.


There are several medical transcriptionist that offer services where a medical transcriptionist specialist are able to work remotely in locations including their home.  Actually, this is a unique job to have because many facilities and establishments including private practitioners, labs, institutes and hospitals all require transcription services like never before! There are some transcriptionist that may transcribe items like medical records, dictated by the doctors or team members but also they could report on the history and physical reports of a patient, discharge summaries, clinic notes, operative reports, x-ray reports and more!

I’m sure you’re wondering all the training that may be required to know how to write so many different words! It’s true, there are a lot of things that you may need to do in order to become a medical transcriptionist. A company that goes above and beyond to make sure all of their transcriptionists are well equipped and prepared for their careers is located in Atlanta, Georgia and they are called iMedX. They are one of the leaders in integrated medical document management as well as health information solutions. They offer a full suite of high-value revenue cycle management solutions which include coding services, results-based consulting, education and training opportunities as well as data analytics. Their leading-edge technology, best-in class quality and commitment to serving an excellent, quality transcriptionist is their drive to positive results and success for the thousands of people that work for them and with them. Not only that, but iMedX serves as an impressive array of medical professionals across the entire globe. Because the clients sometimes deal with diverse IT systems as well as a wide range of employee skill sets, they create implementation plans that are customized, multidisciplinary and thorough. They work with each client’s existing resources and jointly develop new processes that deliver efficiency and effectiveness.


When you hire a medical transcriptionist, the benefits are critical. Doctors have far too many other responsibilities that require their attention. There even have been various systems that have literally pulled doctors away from primary responsibilities which include the care of their patients, which is something that should be not needed. When working with the proper medical transcriptionist, everything must be neat, organized, detailed and above all, accurate due to all the information that can go into a patient’s medical file. Doctors can be notorious for writing out prescriptions that no one can read and some pharmacies have issues deciphering the writing. The question is that many doctors are asking is how to help them and that answer is using a transcriptionist.


Another benefit to having a medical transcriptionist is that they can go into a patient’s room and record the doctors oral notes as well as any of the patient’s concerns. They can update information into their medical file, correct any inaccuracies such as any misspelled words or typos and clear up any alerts or red flags that could arise or pop up. These reporting tools in the medical industry are essential to keeping things running smoothly. In fact, the government does mandate that the electronic reporting systems are used to report every patient, at every single visit. These collection of data and reporting is taken precedence over the care of patients. In truth, doctors have to try to find the balance between performing these data entry duties and providing proper, quality care for their patient. Doctors need to gain a peace of mind knowing that their patients and their medical files are being completed, secured and update correctly.


In conclusion, the value of a doctors time should not be determined by all of the paperwork that they need to complete but to measured to the number of lives they are helping and ultimately saving. Because data entry interferes with the livelihood of patients and the doctors ability to perform their medical duties efficiently, the benefit of having a medical transcriptionist is extremely valuable not only for those they work for internally, but for those they are helping year after year externally as well.


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