Tagpacker – Say Goodbye to Bookmarking!

Tagpacker – Say Goodbye to Bookmarking!

Free Tool to Collect, Organize, and Share Your Favorite Links


Raise your band if you have come across a moment where you caught yourself referring to a fantastic article you read previously – or even working on a blog post or writing a story– and then came to an understanding that you were not aware of the title or what was it actually about. Even the author was unfamiliar to you. You were unable to research about it; you didn’t know anything other than the content which you had read previously.

In my case, this type of situation occurs almost every day. I read a lot of stuff on the internet which is stored in my brain but then are lost since I was unable to retain them, or in other ways save them on the internet. In regards to that, I’m researching and looking up for fresh content on a daily basis which at times overloads my mind and my head.

To solve this problem, Tagpacker is here. This fantastic application addresses all sorts of problems like where to find it to the problems like I’m so done with these websites, I should check out different stuff. At the same time a systematic tool for bookmarking and a newsfeed filled with exciting content, this new website has all sorts of charisma to become the most effective tool for anyone who likes to spend a significant amount of their time online.
Registering to the website is simple. All you need to provide is your email address, your name, and select a few ideas which might sound interesting to you. The website in this regard suggests some people whom you could follow chosen entirely upon your interests, and after getting confirmation from the email, you are ready to use the website.

The dashboard of Tagpacker is clean and comfortable to use laced with an intriguing design with your chosen links on the right, designated links on the left, and a newsfeed regarding all your followed packers and what kind of information they are tagging. You have the leverage of scrolling down from your network, or if you are scrolling through discovery mode, you can see what the renowned users are tagging and sharing about. It’s best to follow the users whose choices and tastes match with yours for you to create your personalized newsfeed which will enable other yours to follow you more efficiently.

Tagpacker’s social network along with the following feature adds more usefulness to the website and constructing yourself as an essential influencer. Influencers are the type of people who are aware of the things they are talking about – the people which other people look up for when inquiring about a piece of information, quotes, and advice. The people who are starting up a new service or anything should target themselves being the influencers for other people since it not only lift them on a personal level but also their organization.

Tagpacker has some distinctive features which people tend to forget. The “Pack it” button allows the users to gather links effectively during their browsing sessions. When you click the button, a sidebar will appear, providing you with ease and convenience to tag and comment on the content. The button could be added to browsers for easy access.

Apart from this, Tagpacker helps you stay structured by providing you with suggestions regarding tagging the content while saving it. This process has been made possible with a well-organized algorithm based on the links users have collected before.

Users can subscribe to different tag channels and stay updated about a particular topic. With this feature, users will also be able to get notifications regarding new links, posts and other users to follow matching their tagged content.

Tagpacker has all the ability in the world to be a fantastic tool for people who are identifying themselves as influencers to the others or wish to expand their network to a larger scale. Creating articles around a particular subject gives you an authority that you are cashing in the market your organization is in and letting others know that you are an expert in this. This way you link up with other writers who are interested in knowing what you do and what type of content you create, along with potential customers reading the articles.

Tagpacker is a multipurpose tool and paves the way for the users to locate authentic content, and a platform to showcase themselves as key influencers in their respective fields.


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