• Marketing And Manufacturing Big DataTrends In 2020

    Marketing And Manufacturing Big DataTrends In 20200

    In November 2005, Google launched Google Analytics, perhaps the most well-known use of big data and the most widely used web analytics service. Conservative estimates put the number of worldwide users at 30 – 50 million. Free insight Google Analytics provides marketers insight into their websites, and the activities on it, user behavior, the buying funnel,

  • Android Development Trends in 2020

    Android Development Trends in 20200

    Technology has never made running a business easy like in this digital era. Communication is now at an imaginable level and companies can now conduct transactions fast, safely, and conveniently. One groundbreaking that has raised eyebrows for the last decade is mobile development. Nowadays smartphone operates on applications that make them improve delivery and efficiency.

  • 2019: Best Trends in the E-Commerce Industry

    2019: Best Trends in the E-Commerce Industry0

    Brick and Mortar shops are just as viable as ever. A shopping trip is always a fun excursion, especially with a group of friends and/or family. Topped off with a relaxing dinner or lunch, brick and mortar shopping can be a very self-fulfilling experience. Sometimes, however, shoppers look for more convenient options when shopping. The