The Role of Supply Chain Management in Rugs Industry

The Role of Supply Chain Management in Rugs Industry

In industry, supply chain management is the flux of stock equipment, commodities and servicing, incorporating the flow and accumulation of the unprocessed material, till manufacturing the product, also involving the chain of orders picking from the starting point till export of the finished product. In more simple terms, it is the process of a product’s development beginning from the raw material to creation, management and supply to the end customer. 

Since the origin of human history, supply chain management is at work to manufacture goods and commodities of all types’ humans can require, involving the methods of inventory as well as delivery to the point of consumption. 

Supply chain management (SCM) works on the principle: of the people, for the people, by the people because not a single step is occurring without human involvement. 

The list of commodities in the supply chain is too long to be mentioned. For the convenience of you guys, we will select a product, suppose it is a rug. We will throw light on how area rugs are manufactured from raw material to a refined product. 

Market Demands

Market demands are always kept in view before a required item undergoes the actual manufacturing process in the policies of supply chain management. The traders and industrialists, having brought into consideration the demands and specifications of a particular product, impart their best efforts and age old experiences to build something that exactly comes up to their expectations. This is what the goal and success of the supply chain.

Modern weavers have been employing the same techniques that craftsmen have been using hundreds of years ago. The classic area rugs require a handsome amount of time and the refined material for its construction. In addition to this, the weavers pour their talent to give their product a peculiar elegance and splendid appearance. 

Manufacturing Process

Having been accustomed to the market demands of area rugs regarding their shapes, designs, colors, materials and manufacturing process, the next step is to collect the raw material. For crafting incomparable area rugs, weavers always use the active thread, it will elevate the longevity of your area rugs for sure.

Step 1

As the shape, design, color and material have already been decided for a rug construction, the wool, cotton or silk strands are what the rugs building material. Suppose we are going to craft wool rugs, for which the wool has been dyed first with the desired color. 

Step 2

The dyed wool is consigned to the rugs manufacturing looms where the expert weavers pour their diligent labor for around two to five months to weave one artistic piece. To reduce time of construction, more artisans can be employed and they together make sure that the real design will be shaped after their collective effort. 

Step 3

Once the weaving process is complete, the crafted rug is removed from the looms, washed and stretched out. In the stretched position all wrinkles vanish, any loose threads are removed if need be and dried under the sun.

Step 4

If in case the wrinkles persist, the wool rugs undergo the ironing process and then the ends are secured to keep the material in place. 

Step 5

In the final step, the manufactured rug is passed through the trimming process where it is made sure that wool is refined and free of any loose strands. 

Supplying Process 

In olden days, all the finished products of an industry were brought to the physical market (today’s offline market) and all the people bought goods of their choice and interest, paying net cash at the same moment. In the modern age, with the advancement in e-commerce, same goods are supplied in the online marketplaces where the buyers place their orders for a required object, do payments following the online policies and the desired items are supplied to their homes by the order-picking firms. 

The role of supply chain is almost the same with slight variations in the online market. The customers can also return the item if it fails to fulfill their requirements. The companies receive the returned object and are supposed to replace it with the better one. However, such incidents rarely happen.  

The companies carrying out e-commerce business are already conscious to build trustworthy relationships with their global customers. They not only provide the perfect product but also guide their customers to go for certain money saving deals, hence winning their long lasting trust. 


A rug is not only a piece of textile to cover the floor but also a marvelous piece of art. Supply chain firms manufacture woolen area rugs to supply artistic beauty, comfort, and warmth under your feet in one purchase. Supply chain has managed to provide you these decorative pieces at the platform of RugKnots which depicts a years of history of craftsmanship in the rugs industry. Have queries? Feel free to contact us!

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