StreamSpread – Find the right audience for your stream

StreamSpread – Find the right audience for your stream

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StreamSpread – Find the right audience for your stream

Launched a couple of years ago, StreamSpread has earned quite a fame in the video content market, connecting live video creators with the publishers with a sole purpose to attain a maximum number of views and subscribers to get a new stream for revenue.

Sensing a firm desire in the expanding live video market, a small organization called StreamSpread was launched a couple of years ago assisting different kinds of video streamers in finding the right audience and helping them generate publishers and earn a little revenue.

The creators in the live stream are termed as advertisers in the website, and they pay a significant amount of fee to upload their stream on different website pages for high traffic and more revenue.

In the beginning, the streamers on the website start by creating an effective ad campaign on the website. They set up the campaign through PayPal or credit card account, and use the filters on the website to find the appropriate directory for publishing on different websites relevant to their live stream.

Once they are done finding the right website, they send out offers to the publishers to stream on their website. Once they are live and up and running, their designated video appears on the selected websites.

The creators of the video content have the option to pay $12 per 1000 viewers. The publishers who are currently working with the StreamSpread establish viewports on their page where the on-going streams are shown. These streams are populated automatically with live video when considerable streams are available for video creators to publish. With this, both the publishers and video creators can view the real-time statistics on the performance of the campaign, whether it was successful or not.

Founded and established by Anton Alexa, CEO of StreamSpread, and a professional game, the organization is registered in Delaware, USA, but the office of the engineering department is located in Kiev, Ukraine.
Anton Alexa has a lot to say about his little initiative in bringing all the streamers together in a single platform; to grow and connect at a mass level. He believes that the website is solving a lot of problems and difficulties which video content makers face today, due to the lack of infrastructure and platform available for them in the video streaming market.

He says that his website is helping the streamers to attract more viewers and audience in a short time. With video content being the main forte of the website, the website owners and publishers are creating thought-provoking, engaging content for the readers interested in video making and how they can generate more traffic through it. For them, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Final Verdict:

StreamSpread is undoubtedly doing something different from what we see in this world. Streamers are earning more money; the website is getting a lot of praise for their efforts, more and more video content makers are emerging in the market and promoting their content, everything seems to be going in the right direction and credit must be given to StreamSpread and its efficient team.


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