The Best Software for Working Remotely

The Best Software for Working Remotely

Workplaces across the UK have been forced to close down. For the safety of their staff, many companies have transformed the way they operate. Once teeming office spaces have been shut down and workers have been asked to carry out their roles from home.

Going forward, many companies are likely to make the move to home-based working full-time. Work from home, however, takes some getting used to. Is there the same pressure on employees to perform? And where is the separation between work life and home life?

Without all of your colleagues corralled in one place, communication can become stilted and productivity can nosedive. To help your organization function from home, we’ve identified three key pieces of software that can make working remotely so much easier.

Google Drive

Moving to the cloud is an important step for any company forced to fundamentally change the way they operate – moving from an office to home based working. Instead of all your data being locked up in hardware and old, inaccessible servers, you can shift it all into the business cloud. It’s safe and accessible. You can access your files from any device at any time.

Google Drive comes with an extensive list of tools for collaborative workingdaddy– from docs to sheets to slides. It allows for collaborative working even when all of your staff members are isolated in separate locations.


Slack is a stalwart of workplace communications. The instant messaging service laid its roots of popularity in Silicon Valley and it’s quickly blossomed into a household name.

You can communicate directly with colleagues at the touch of a button. Slack also allows you to organize your communications into channels and threads. You can create chats for specific purposes that help keep everyone focused and on task.

It’s now prized by businesses all over the world. If you’re looking for a real time communication tool that makes contacting your team a breeze, Slack is definitely worth considering.


One of the primary beneficiaries of the pandemic, Zoom has had a meteoric rise over the last year or so. With everyone stuck at home, there was a tremendous opportunity for a simple, easy to use video calling app and Zoom managed to supplant Skype as the software of choice for people all over the world.

But it isn’t just useful for online pub quizzes and catching up with locked down friends, it also has utility for businesses. It’s incredibly straightforward to sign up and use and it’s great for communicating with colleagues face to face. If you need to use it for online meetings with clients, customers or colleagues, it’s consistently excellent.

Google Drive, Slack and Zoom are just three of many pieces of software that make running a small business from home much simpler. If you’re struggling for clarity on video and voice calls, you might want to look into Krisp – an app that eliminates pesky background noise. On the other hand, if you’re finding it difficult to concentrate away from the office, you might want to consider Forest – a distraction nullifying app that rewards you for leaving your phone alone.


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