Social Media – Key Player for Tech Firms

Social Media – Key Player for Tech Firms

Social media is one of the most important elements of the present day technology companies; it makes the tech-business to reach the next level. The presence on the social media has got huge importance when it comes to doing search marketing,” The Chief marketing officer of Cisco in Europe Jeremy Bevan said that.


We have scrutinized our social presence in EMEAR is equal putting our efforts on 10 major events every single day”, he added. The Social Media marketing director, EMEA for global information management company EMC has also confessed the necessity of social media marketing.


Almost 70% of the B2B and more than 80% of IT decision –makers are using social media platforms in order to spread the information about their B2B  purchases, he added that.  Social media, as technology sector is playing a huge role particularly in business related to the technology sector. However, it has its own importance when it comes to selling the products.


Social Media & Technology Related Business


“We have the capacity to intermingle social media into our products fully, “The product director of London based mobile apps and services company Yuza Liam Houghton stated that. Karen Joseph the director operation of digital marketing of cell phone spy app has said, social media is the key part of our business revenue and it is our basic marketing to engage our customers online.


We have earned more than £2 million from the direct sales of social media channels in the year of 2012 and in the last year we have calculated 122% sudden shift from social media platforms. “However, we also have tracked the importance of socially engaged visitors of social media on our products, Liam Houghton further added that. On the other hand, our researchers have come across the figures of revenue increased more than 24% once already existed customers become used of our products.


Social Media is Critical for Present-Day Tech-Business


However, the number of well-known companies of the world also has feed media content on the pages of their products online. They have used the EngageSciences platforms in order to make the search about the web advocacy content, and then finally have used it into their products pages and socialize the commerce E-commerce experience having authorized peer-to-peer recommendations. Therefore, it is a very key thing to know that social media is the very important element for the contemporary tech-based business. However, it is still a myth that how to apply best methods to gain more and more advantages in terms of revenue.


I have gone through our social media marketing techniques for almost 1 month and 2 and then  I have suddenly realized that we are duplication our PR strategy, and finally, I have gone back to the PR methods and intermingled the social media into me, Amy Crimmens PR event manager of IT consultancy. “You cannot apply successfully social media marketing methods in the state of isolation.


Today tech-business have come to the point that people are demanding support and information of business on social media and on the other hand it is tough job to get to know for marketers online that how to start engaging online customers services point of view, and it also difficult to understand for customer services representatives to do that, the Head of digital and social for Europe Thomas Messett said that.


The mighty tech-giant Nokia has come with the new technology tool that involves its non-marketing employees through social media visualization tool named as Agora. Basically, it is a big widescreen that visualizes the employees three or more than four different location at the same time of Nokia offices worldwide. The offices are located in high traffic areas and you can see the products are receiving positive feedback. This will keep the company up to date that their products are being talked all the time and lead us to put our products to the customer convincingly fast.


Nokia is gaining insight with the help of other tech-tools such as Radian6 form salesforce and also has got Analytic Pro through socialbakers. This will really help out the company to change our style of campaigns online, Thomas Messet founder at Plexal and




Social media is one of the most important pillars of the present day tech-based business industry. Because online marketing through social media platforms enables tech-business to engage the huge amount of customers in order to generate the revenue and to spread the information through technology sitting in the office having a cup of coffee in hands.


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