Top 20 Small Business Ideas 2023

Top 20 Small Business Ideas 2023

In this series, we’ve listed some helpful small business ideas that can help you get started.

Cinema Café:

The essence of the idea is to combine the concepts of restaurant, theatre and time café in one place.


It is a game that combines football, volleyball, trampoline and warm music. This type of sport and entertainment is invented in Spain and fans around the world are growing every year.

At the heart of the business is the creation of a sports department for bossabol, organizing recreational activities and offering a rental per minute for those who want to play on the beach.

Electric Benches:

With these fun wheelchairs, you can make money by renting a house during the hot season. There is no special opportunity to run on such a bench, but being comfortable is why everyone who walks in the park is your potential customer.

Photo Planters:

The implementation of this idea involved applying a photo of a human face to a flower pot to place a flower or an organic human figure. Apply the image so that the plant grows organic hair. Something so sweet can be a fantastic gift!

Women Shoes with removable Toes:

At the heart of this idea is the manufacture and sale of advanced women’s mobile shoes. This type of shoe is very handy because when used together, you just have to buy the jacket you like.

Self-Catering Ice-Cream Café:

The essence of this idea is not only selling natural yoghurt ice cream in the freezer, but also self-service. Visitors prepare their food using vending machines of various flavours, sprinkle the powder and pour syrup. Then they go to the box and pay a portion per Grams at a fixed price.

3D Copies of People:

This is a promising idea for companies involved in creating accurate 3D character images.

This service allows parents to catch their children, newlyweds on the wedding day, children of older parents, pet owners and more.

For this, you need a 3D scanner and a 3D printer.

Potato Hot Dogs:

In the field of fast food, hot dogs have long been a good product. You will not be surprised today, you can buy it in every corner. To give the product something new, you can borrow a Korean potato chip recipe. It is made of sausage wrapped in wheat flour.

We also talked about wheat dogs, leash dogs and rolls, which are also great ideas for fast food on the streets.


The essence of the idea is to sell flowers in vending machines with refrigerators. So you can sell flowers automatically in malls, airports, train stations and other crowded places.

Flexible Work Station:

At the heart of this idea is the production and sale of menus that can be used standing on a computer. These companies’ potential customers are a large number of freelancers who are interested in improving productivity.

Laser Tag:

This exciting game is comparable to paintball and airsoft shooting. Its main advantage is absolute safety, as blasting is performed by a laser beam. This benefit significantly expands potential customers’ audience.

Jacuzzi Boat:

The heart of the business is charter boats, with chimneys installed to heat the water. With this type of boat, any business story can have an unforgettable time.

Cat Toilet:

At the heart of this idea is the manufacture or resale of special plastic pillows that allow cats to easily get used to the toilet.

Fried Ice Cream:

The sale of ice cream is a profitable and competitive activity. One of the best ways to keep your competition in mind is to give your customers something new. One such idea is fried ice cream made from natural products in special frozen plates.

Furniture Designer:

At the heart of the idea in the making of modular squares using elegant shelves for objects and equipment and decorative walls.

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