3 Ways to Showcase your Art in a Gallery

3 Ways to Showcase your Art in a Gallery

It’s not enough to bring your art into being to leave a significant mark as an artist. But it is also indispensable to showcase your artwork in every way possible. Understanding the fundamental forms of presenting your artwork, whether offline or online, will help you connect with the community and increase your potential reach. This will also allow you to build your artists’ network and help get your work into a gallery.

However, making your entry into the art world can be quite challenging with already established artists from all around the globe, but once you can make your work stand out, it won’t cost you much time in getting into the gallery of your dreams. Read on to check out how.

1: Research, Understand, and Approach.

Knowing the basics of how an art gallery selects its artists is essential to be able to exhibit your artwork physically:

Research Where You Fit

Often, an art gallery happens to have displayed their selected artworks around a particular theme or category. So, research well on the place of your choice and whether it serves your interest before you choose to display your artwork. It would help if you targeted only those galleries that would significantly fit your work and style.


It is not advisable to approach a gallery about submitting your work without inquiring about their terms and policies. You can do it either by asking them in person or speaking over the phone, if not available online. Writing a letter of inquiry can too prove to be helpful in this regard. You can include illustrations of your work with a short description of approach: what and how you can contribute to the gallery and link to your personalized website, if any.

Submitting a Portfolio

Creating and having an online portfolio is essential for targeting art galleries and showcasing your work. Having a personalized website implies your professionalism and your earnest desire to build a career out of it. Keep it professional and tailored with your best pieces. Nonetheless, while submitting a portfolio to your chosen gallery, be sure to comply with the guidelines already issued by the gallery.

Secure a Referral to Get Through

Having a referral from someone who has a connection with the gallery owner/curator is a great way to approach the target gallery. Referrals have worked wonders for many to get through to a gallery. Referrals can be useful when a gallery does not accept submissions or when your portfolios go unnoticed, stacked up in a pile. Hence, it is good to take a follow up after a week or two with a phone call if you do not hear from them.

2: Focus On Building Your Network of Professionals.

Get yourself involved in the local art community or art organizations. If you are trying to get your foot at an art gallery, being active in the community is significantly important. Attend art galleries and shows near you as much as you can. Visit galleries of all types to understand how they select their artists and try to get a hold of their preferred tastes and style. Look for an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to the curator and ask them what new they are looking to add to their collection. Visit other juried and set shows, studio events, and exhibitions but stay out from shows that require entry fees.

Compliment their work, support them, be polite, and take the time to build a strong relationship with fellow artists. You never know who, how, where, and when someone might chip in to help you out.

3: Focus on Gaining Exposure.

Promotion through Social Media

Visiting art galleries will aid you in gaining exposure. But, having an active social media handle can be the icing on the cake. Social media has become a potent tool for connecting with new people and staying in touch with old and established ones. Showcasing your art through an online platform will help you put up a digital gallery of your artworks. Include high-definition resolution images of your artwork in your media gallery, and make sure to include your professional contact information and email ID on the website.

Promotion through Art Competitions

Art competitions offer one of the most effective ways to garner exposure to promising artists in the art world. Push yourself a step further by taking part in competitions and present your work in front of known professionals, curators, and gallery owners. This is because art competitions are prominent for determining and showcasing bright minds and budding artists and sometimes launching their careers.


No venue is big or small. Always lookout for opportunities to enhance your line of business and get art in galleries. Focus on the learning: get your work viewed and learn from your rejections. You know that you need to make your place in this market full of competition. Most importantly, use your shortcomings to evolve your artistic approach and rise to be the best genre.

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