Internet Shopping: How to Find Discount Codes?

Internet Shopping: How to Find Discount Codes?

Pay a high price for an order on the internet? No thanks! More and more online shoppers are looking for a discount code before paying for their purchases . Once the code has been found, all you have to do is enter this precious sesame, made up of a series of letters and numbers, (sometimes a word in capital letters) in the space provided for this purpose on the merchant site at the time of pay for your purchase. Validate and your bill will miraculously lighten. Depending on the case, you will save 10, 20 or 30% on your order or you will see the shipping costs disappear .


Coupon codes have become a common practice on all online shopping sites. You can see it automatically displayed in a banner at the top of the home page if you are going there for the first time, for example ” BIENVENUE2020″, “WELCOME ” . “tredz discount code.. Keep your eyes open. If you spot any, copy and paste and post it in the appropriate space when paying for your purchase


The paper discount coupon, e-coupon and m-coupon each have advantages and disadvantages specific to the technology on which they are based, the cost of their implementation and the associated customer journey.

The e-coupon, unlike the paper coupon, allows distributors and manufacturers to get to know their customers better because obtaining it online requires the creation of a customer space on the distributing sites. On the other hand, it presents more and more serious drawbacks for consumers by transferring the burden of printing the coupon to them and by involving an active obtaining process (going online).

The m-coupon removes the printing problem and is currently the format offering the user the most personalized experience. In its target format as it is currently emerging (format based on NFC technology), the m-coupon should also bring many gains for the user from a practical point of view: obtaining and storing the coupon directly on the mobile, possibility of accessing offers at the point of purchase by presenting their mobile in front of an NFC terminal or in the street, For manufacturers and distributors, the main advantage associated with the m-coupon lies in its medium, the mobile phone, which is the almost permanent channel for reaching the user.

For these different reasons, the future of the discount voucher seems, at present, to lie in the m-coupon. The paper coupon and the e-coupon should not, however, disappear. The three types of reduction coupons will co-exist for at least a few years, or even longer term in order to reach all user and distributor profiles.



Various factors are creating a favorable environment for the deployment of the m-coupon, in particular the increase in equipment rates for smartphones as well as the gradual deployment of m-payment. Indeed, very large players with international reach and significant financial power (Google, Apple, Visa, etc.) have recently been experimenting with m-payment solutions, several of which integrate m-coupon functions.


However, the way has not been fully mapped out for the m-coupon and the technology issue remains to be addressed. The m-coupon is, in fact, dependent on the deployment of NFC technology on mobile terminals. At present, there is no single NFC standard and, in France, only two terminal models are equipped. The establishment of a single standard and the speed of renewal of the mobile fleet will be key in the expansion of m-couponing


The discount voucher market is thus developing in volume but also in terms of types of coupons; in parallel to the traditional paper reduction voucher, new forms of dematerialized coupons have appeared: the e-coupon, the m-coupon and the on-card coupon. The e-coupon is a reduction coupon offered on the Internet on sites of issuing brands such as; on the sites of distributors or specialized sites such as or In all cases, the major difference with the classic paper coupon lies in the fact that the printing of the e-coupon is taken care of by the consumer at his home before the store visit.

The m-coupon is directly accessible on the user’s mobile. Appeared more than 5 years ago in the United States and Japan, it is starting to emerge in France in the form of a few experiments using NFC technology (near field communication).

The on card coupon is accessible from a payment / loyalty / transport card type card. It is either stored directly on the card, or simply associated with the card number in the company’s IS. Its distribution is still very limited.

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