SEO VS. SMM – Which Strategy Should You Adopt For Your New Business?

SEO VS. SMM – Which Strategy Should You Adopt For Your New Business?

Cyberspace is a place where your site can easily get lost today. With over 1.5 billion live websites in the world, if you don’t utilize the perfect digital marketing technique for your domain, it won’t take long for your new business to end up nowhere. If you are running an Online B2B Marketplace, e-commerce store or service focused business effective digital marketing has become a necessity in the online world to improve your website’s traffic.


Two of the best digital marketing strategies that produce tremendous results are search engine optimization and social media marketing. However, the real question that arises here is, which marketing strategy performs better? Let’s find out!


What is SEO?


SEO is a digital marketing technique used to boost your search ranking on the web. Before social media came into limelight, SEO was the core tactic used to generate a high number of audience. With better ranking and effective keywords, your website can easily be ranked on top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu.




With SEO, you have to optimize your website for these search engines. After that, web crawlers will crawl over your web pages to analyze and index your site. With every update you make or new webpage you upload, a web crawler will go through your whole website to reanalyze. These web crawlers look over your web content, UI, coding, and structure. Your chances of scoring a better ranking depend on how well the web crawlers understand your web pages.
Search engines focus on ranking those websites higher which are SEO friendly. You should always follow the rules set by the top search engines to prove the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Companies all around the world are focusing on getting better on SEO due to the following stat,


Marketers see SEO as becoming more effective, with 82% reporting effectiveness is on the rise, and 42% of this group stating effectiveness is increasing significantly”. – Marketdive


Pros and Cons of SEO



• With the help of SEO, you receive a persistent stream of organic and free traffic.
• SEO help you reach out to people looking for a solution
• SEO will generate leads that have high chances of converting
• SEO boosts your credibility in your niche




• SEO results will take time
• No guarantee for results, especially first-page ranking
• Risks of being penalized due to Google’s updates
• Search engines know it all, so you never have full control over SEO


What is SMM (Social Media Marketing)?


With the rise of social media, many people realized that it’s a marvelous platform for new businesses to market their products and services. If we take a look at the numbers, 2.8 billion people were using social media by the end of 2016. Social media is a great place to engage with potential customers, so it’s comparatively easier to market on such websites.




SMM is a technique used to generate traffic with the help of social media websites. It comprises of running ads on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or promote high-scale marketing events by inviting readers with attractive posts.


One of the critical factors in using social media to generate traffic is that it creates an opportunity for other side benefits as well. If you are socially active on these sites, apart from traffic, you’ll also see a rise in your brand awareness, customer trust, and customer retention. The importance of social media can be seen in the following quote,


Social media will help you build up the loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.” – Bonnie Sainsbury


Pro and Cons of SMM



• Cost-effective compared to other marketing tactics
• SMM provides you with the opportunity to expose your brand to a vast audience
• It creates brand loyalty with more engagement
• SMM creates higher chances of conversion




• SMM is time intensive
• Social media business accounts are vulnerable to risks, as they attract hackers
• Requires content monitoring
• Difficult to measure the ROI, as its actual source can’t judge much of the traffic


The Verdict

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Businesses that focus on SEO, without SMM lack a potential number of audience that can be attracted to their websites. If you deliver a punch with both of them combined, your new business will be able to reach out to almost all the internet users. With over 3.5 billion internet users in 2017, you can’t rely on one digital marketing technique! It’s pretty beneficial to work with both of them side by side. If you are thinking about operating on only SEO or SMM, make a plan for the other one and witness your numbers multiply within no time.

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