When tackling any task, whether it’s home improvement, day-to-day work, or business work having the right tools can greatly enhance speed and efficiency. This shows choosing the right tool can make a big difference and how much it is important for your business or daily needs. The same principle applies to online marketing. How can you work faster and smarter with SEO? The answer is simple with the right tools.

Here’s the list of the best free SEO tools on the market. They are free, easy to use, and fast and work great for the website.


1) Ahrefs Webmaster Tools:

First, sign up for the Ahrefs webmaster tools and then verify your website. Now you can audit your site for over 100+ technical SEO issues, give suggestions on how to fix the issues, and after running an audit, it also gives suggestions on how to improve internal linking, improving ranking in search engines.

You can also check the organic keyword rankings of your site and who’s linking to you with this tool.

2) Google Analytics:

It is one of the most powerful free analytics tools. This tool can track every bit of traffic on your site, from where it is coming, which pages are receiving more traffic, and so on.

While this tool is not solely for SEO, it’s still valuable for tracking organic search traffic. However, now this tool is not displaying which keyword is driving traffic. To check this you will need to pair it with the keyword Hero tool to uncover this data.

3) Answer the Public:

If you want a long list of keyword opportunities and what questions folks are asking, you just have to type the relevant keyword and Answer the public will do this for you. Some of the other alternatives are UberSuggest, Keyword Sheeter,, and Keyword Generator.

4) Google PageSpeed Insights:

If you want to know the performance and loading time of your website on a desktop and mobile phone then you just have to enter the URL and the Google PageSpeed Insights tool will guide you all about it. On a score from 0-100, it grades your site’s performance. It not only tells you about the loading time of your site according to the various metrics but also gives suggestions on how to improve them. Some of the alternatives are GTMetrix, WebPageTest, and Pingdom.

5) Google Search Console:

If you want to know what the most used search engine thinks of your site then use the Google search console tool. This tool helps you to identify and fix the technical issues on your site, and also the crucial seo data such as impressions, clicks, submit sitemaps, average ranking position, etc. You should note that Bing and Yandex have their own search consoles as well. Some of the alternatives are  Yandex Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools.

6) Google Ads Keyword Planner: 

When you enter a keyword or group of keywords, Google Keyword Planner returns all sorts of useful statistics: monthly search volume, competition, and even suggested terms you may not have considered. One of the alternatives is the Bing keyword planner.

7) Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar:

This is a free Chrome and Fire extension and helps to check webpage broken links, highlight no-follow links, and trace redirect chains. This tool also generates on-page SEO reports that include:


-Word count

-Hreflang tags


-OG tags


Through this tool, we can analyze any web page more quickly and easily. The paid Ahrefs account will give you access to crucial keyword metrics such as CPC, search volume, and keyword difficulty within the SERPs. Some of the alternatives are  Ayima Redirect Path (redirect tracing),  Detailed SEO Extension,  SEO Minion, and LinkMiner (broken links)

8) Moz Local Listing Score:

Moz analyzes data from more than 10 sources including Google, Facebook, and Yelp to score your brick-and-mortar business online. For incomplete or inconsistent listings results come complete with actionable fixes.

9) Classy Schema Structured Data Viewer:

Double-check your SEO implementation to ensure you’re doing it right. This tool helps you to check structured data/ schema markup done correctly. Some of the alternatives are Google’s rich results test and Google’s structured data testing tool.

10) The Hreflang Tags Generator Tool:

Your hreflang tags will need to be set up correctly if your site targets different countries or languages. It’s quite easy to mess up, which can lead to problems for your site. The tool will automatically generate the hreflang annotations based on your site’s URL, language, and country.

Wrap Up!

By leveraging free SEO tools you can enhance your marketing efforts. it is a game changer for your overall webiste performance and driving heavy traffic to it. These 10 free SEO tools can dramatically improve your marketing strategy, resulting in increased online visibility and success.


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