Guide to Write Engaging yet SEO-Friendly Content for 2018

Guide to Write Engaging yet SEO-Friendly Content for 2018

If you are businessman then surely you must be aware of the importance of the website content being under the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The content on the website is essential because it helps in placing your website on search engines.

If your website is on the first page of any search engine, there’s a possibility that you will get plenty of traffic, engagement, likes and click. If your page is not reachable to the people, then even the best content on your website has no value. Traffic on websites works like a charm, and if you fail to get the required traffic, then you might be doing something wrong.

However, everyone should understand that writing a friendly SEO based content is not easy. In fact, it is the trickiest job in the world. A lot of research and planning goes into writing the best content as per the requirements of SEO.

If you are planning to execute a creative content that should rank well on the search engines, and allow the customers or clients in paying to your business, then you should consider the algorithm ranking system of Google. In this article, I will be sharing my experience and techniques to help you write a friendly SEO content for your website that grabs the attention of the people and uplifts your profits.

Copywriting SEO content is all about writing practical, captivating and thought-provoking content targeting particular keywords so that other readers share your work on social media forums. This act enhances the originality and importance of your content and boosts the ranking in Google for specific keywords.

Few critical elements of the content, for instance, timeliness and visual content worked like a charm and considered as the hallmark of copywriting.

1) Uniqueness In Check

By unique and original I do not mean that you should come up with logical reasoning and suggest something new or share something different which no one had previously done; it means that your content should not be copied from somewhere else. Whatever you write, research about it, understand what you are going to write and give essential details first to entice the audience.

It takes no time for Google to identify a copied content and there is no reason for it to rank the page or website containing a duplicate or copied content. Google only wants answers to the queries shared by people, and the more original the content is; the more are the possibilities for the people to revisit your website.

2) Site Speed

A research study proposed by Akamai disclosed some interesting facts:

1- Forty-seven percent of the users on web anticipate a web page to be loaded in one or two seconds.

2- Forty percent of the users ignore a web page which loads in three seconds or more.

3- The speed of any website has been an alarming factor and helpful for the users since 2010. Nonetheless, if your website has a loadtime of more than two seconds, you should re-consider your steps and improve it accordingly.

3) Execute a plan before writing the post titles effectively:

The main title of the post is vital for many reasons, and well-written articles help many search engines to comprehend what the page is talking about. For users, it helps them in understanding the key points of the article and whether it is helping them in the research or not. For advertising agencies and programs, an accurate title post helps them to decide if they want the page to be advertised or not.

Before choosing out the best title post, there are few points to consider:

1- Keyword research is essential in understanding what majority of the readers are searching and talking about. Find a method to make it relatable to your page.

2- Use various search engines using your title post as keywords to find out other similar titles and posts. Take notes to understand and find out what others are searching for.

3- Always remember to create a title post less than 65 characters.

4- During the research process and understanding the guidelines stated above, always remember that the order of the keywords of a title post is important, and therefore try to have the important keywords at first followed by the other words.

4) Meta Description:

It is always necessary to use the meta descriptions to assist and guide the search engines before writing the content again and again and publishing it for the audience. These descriptions assist the searchers and search engines to understand what the topic is about and why the targeted words and keywords are reappearing in the content.

This provides with an opportunity for SEO firms to earn money, because they know how the system works.

5) Body of the page is equally important:

We have understood that the title post and description plays an important factor for the SEO traffic but many people ignore the body copy of the content. They are equally important since they contain the entire information of the content. Make sure to add few keywords in the body copy as well to enhance the SEO activity for your content.


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