Why SEO Is In More Demand During Covid-19?

Why SEO Is In More Demand During Covid-19?

2020 was a year everyone would simply love to forget about, but the coronavirus still rampages on and continues to bring distraught to lives across the globe.

While vaccines are indeed a silver lining to overall disaster, many business establishments are still recuperating from lost operations and opportunities last year.

This is where digital technology showed us that while it definitely isn’t a panacea, it is indeed a boon. Let talk more about how the internet saved corporations from dying last year.

According to a recent study by Statista.com, worldwide spending on digital transformation (DX) technologies and services increased by 10.4% in 2020.

This amounted to a total of $1.3 trillion spent last year despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, across different sectors, DX spending was compromised yet still showed a 13.8% strong growth.

In fact, the global digital transformation market has been growing rapidly in recent years and is forecasted to reach a worth of $2.3 trillion by 2023.

There is no doubt that the pandemic boosted digital transformation as businesses worldwide embraced technologies and services rapidly. In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at why SEO rose in demand during COVID-19.

·       An Undeniable Need for Businesses

Many corporations faced the immediate threat of being shut down, with business facing order from authorities to close down or carry out proper social distancing measures. Their only means of reaching out from the despicable place COVID-19 brought them was technology and what it had to offer.

With the internet, smartphones, and social media already serving an integral part in our everyday personal and professional lives, SEO became an undeniable need for businesses.

With search engines being accredited for generating the maximum amount of online traffic and bringing offered product and services to an immense audience amounting to more than half of the world’s population, the decision was pretty straightforward.

For any business out there, surviving the pandemic became the first priority, and with SEO continuing to serve their aims and objectives, the partnership turned out to be more like natural selection.   

·       Digital Marketing Landscape

There is not even a point to explain how and why digital marketing around the globe has simply exploded and that the landscape continues to grow with every passing moment.

Content and media are being produced at a tremendous rate, and pretty soon, the world is going to experience the true extent of the Zettabyte Era. Forget petabytes; zettabytes are going to be a new unit of measurement for all the data that travels in our airwaves.

Using digital platforms and some simple techniques, a small business can leverage SEO.

Back in 2016 was the first instance recorded when global IP traffic exceeded that of one zettabyte. To give you an idea of what is being mentioned over here, one zettabyte is 1 million petabytes, where one petabyte is equal to 1,024 terabytes, and one terabyte is equal to 1,024 gigabytes.

Today the digital marketing landscape is serving businesses a way out and helping them acquire new customers and leads as they steadily invest their efforts to grow their venture further.     

·       Overcoming COVID-19 Barriers

With shops being closed down, the supply chain suffering delays, and the masses mandated to stay indoors. There is no doubt that COVID-19 created hefty barriers for businesses to continue their operations.

All these social distancing and quarantine measures did bring quite a headache for establishments to manage. However, with the power of the internet and search engines, brands, and businesses found a way to keep their audiences engaged.

This included the likes of email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing, to name a few. Powering all of these and offering support from the backend was none other than SEO that continued to serve as a major traffic driver from many business websites.    

·       Local SEO

It the time of desolation, it is human nature to reach out to those who are nearest them to seek help and guidance. For a local based business, this was primetime to shine, and this is why those businesses who have invested in Local SEO tactics yielded maximum returns.

While customers were unable to travel freely and only permitted to go out for urgent matters, which meant reaching out to the nearest businesses and shops that could provide them with products and services.

With Google owning a tremendous amount of share in the search engine market, Google My Business turned out to be a magnificent tool for businesses to increase their visibility for local audiences. 

·       Global Reach

Perhaps one of the best reasons why SEO stands out as an immense driver of traffic online is that it supports bringing clients and customers worldwide.

Many enterprises that operate B2B or even C2B venture via e-commerce model are able to target audiences across the borders.

Some of the largest e-commerce companies that have an undeniable global presence include the likes of:

  • Alibaba – Gross Merchandise Value > $768 billion (B2B & C2C)
  • Amazon – Gross Merchandise Value of $239 billion (B2B & C2C)
  • eBay – Gross Merchandise Value of $93 billion (C2B & C2C)
  • com – Gross Merchandise Value of $215 billion (B2C & C2C)
  • Shopify – Gross Merchandise Value of $33 billion (C2C)

Even for small businesses and enterprises that deal with private labels, SEO serves to create awareness and boost e-commerce opportunities. Young learners who request professionals to do my assignment UK know just how impactful e-commerce businesses have become over the years, especially considering just how big Amazon is alone.

·       Omnichannel Approach

When it comes it SEO (search engine optimization), it can be categorized broadly into offsite and onsite. Onsite SEO deals with improving the website’s performance, which can include faster loading times, improving UX (user experience) and UI (user interface), and various other features.

Offsite SEO deals with the creation of backlinks that can help redirect traffic from other sources. This is where the Omnichannel marketing approach can be applied.

This is an approach that offers an integrated and seamless shopping experience which is great for online visitors as they are able to experience a unified brand message and voice that keeps them invigorated throughout the process.

Pupils learning about marketing and seeking essay help understand why the ominchannel approach is the future of marketing for businesses who want to deliver lasting impressions.  

·       Industry Thought Leadership

Accomplishing industry thought leadership isn’t easy as you need to deliver a resounding impact and influence on your targeted audience. You have to outshine your rivals, counterparts, and competitors within your niche and delve substantially into creating a public image and rapport revered by the masses.

For this, you need to speak up, blog consistently, perform research, and bring new innovative ideas and notions that up to your game to an unbeatable status.

SEO with high-quality content production can help you get there but the efforts and time invested have to be real. Plus, networking with the right people and platforms will help you to get the message across and pull crowds toward you inadvertently. 


SEO simply cannot be denied that it wears the crown for generating an incredible amount of online traffic. To this day, organic traffic far exceeds paid traffic, and the numbers speak for themselves. I can go all out talking about SEO day and night, but I guess you get the idea pretty well.

SEO did indeed surge during the pandemic since many ventures and customers shifted their interest to the recompense digital world, and the virtual realm had to offer when coronavirus brought the world to its knees.

Hopefully, this post offered some meaningful insights into how digital technology and the internet saved the corporate world from coming to a standstill. Cheers, and all the best for your future endeavors!

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