How to Get the Right Tile Shape Combination

How to Get the Right Tile Shape Combination

When it comes to enhancing the home decor, wall, and floor tiles help bring color, elegance, and form to every aspect of your house. With a wide range of shapes and designs to pick from, there can be infinite possibilities. This makes it possible to create new themes within each room.

Blended, paired, but perfectly coordinated with unique tile shapes. One of the popular ways to achieve a modern mosaic appearance is by combining our tiles’ shapes. This process produces stunning geometrical looks that span from bold to sophisticated. This article will encourage you to have played with your tile design choices.

A Blend of Squares and Hexagons

A typical and classic tile design style, hexagon, and square tiles are the perfect set. In areas like your bathroom and kitchen, this is one of the better variations of form. Squares and hexagons exude a strong sense of scale, particularly in smaller kitchen and bathroom regions.

This tile hybrid will also offer a sleek look for your house, so combining these two forms is perfect for modern and contemporary design spaces. You can also make several vibrant variations of these shapes by selecting contrasting colors to change the look and the mood.

Hexagon tiles also add the essence and pattern that compliment the square tiles on your walls and floors. If you are looking for a smooth but successful tile form mix, you can never go wrong with squares and hexagons.

Mixing Rectangles with Hexagons

Another solid tile form type, hexagons, and rectangles will line up well to build an impression of space for rooms in your house. Hexagon tiles help to give a serious and stylish look to every home style. A form can also stand out on your floors and walls and become an integral part of your architectural design.

Rectangles tend to heighten a  sense of length and size to a room, making it feel more spacious and less crowded. The enhanced sense of scale will open up your room and allow you more chances to add more colors and designs and make it look better.

You can use clean and matt rectangles on your walls by using glossy hexagon tiles on your floors for starters. This is a mix that is compelling and elegant. If you are looking to add both scale and texture to your home renovation services in Dubai, this combination is best suited.

Mingling Squares and Rectangles

Another can tile form mix, squares, and rectangles will bring symmetry and seamlessness to your home decor. This tile form combination makes for cleaner angles. It can also exude expansive elegance in every room, providing a fluid and cohesive look.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms will benefit tremendously from this mix. You can also mess around with the various types of square and rectangular tiles. This timeless mix helps you to effortlessly construct a beautiful view of geometry and color in your spaces, giving you a clearer sense of the perfect style and color palette that makes it look amazing.

Things to Consider While Combining Tile Shapes

While I would gladly cover any surface with it, there are many things to remember when mixing tiles of different sizes, forms, and designs on walls and floors. Since wide tiling areas require a substantial investment, it is worth taking samples and playing with how tiles fit together.

Set Patterns with Flat

Constrain the use of patterned tiles to one surface — either the floor or the feature wall. Here, modern hexagonal tiles take center stage, whereas large rectangular wall tiles have a light-enhancing glossy backdrop.

Division of Active Patterns

Using tiny statement tiles, like these oblong mosaics, to build a backsplash element or a small area rather than the whole room. Combine them with large-scale simple tiles and stop a pattern that makes the eyes crazy.

Control the Game

One of the most important techniques for matching tile well is to establish harmony by blending small and large shapes. Three types of tiles are effectively mixed in the bathroom: tiny hexagonal mosaics on the bathtub and walls, medium hexagonal tiles throughout the sink, and large rectangular tiles on the floor.

Use Stone to Fair

Floor-to – ceiling subway tiles with a grey groove make a statement in this supersize shower. To smooth the grout lines and create a cohesive style, combine them with natural gray stone, which brings aesthetic appeal to a bland pattern that does not seek to compete.

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