5 Reasons to Choose A Time Tracking App for Your Construction Company

5 Reasons to Choose A Time Tracking App for Your Construction Company

Labor is one of the most expensive costs for every construction project. Yet too often, we fail to accurately track time and labor. A lot of companies still use paper timesheets because it seems to be the most convenient or simple route to tracking time. The truth is, tracking time with paper timesheets costs businesses a lot of money. Using a time tracking software can be very beneficial for every company. Here are some of the top reasons why we think your construction organization should embrace time tracking software.

Accurate payroll

Delivering payroll accurately is one of the biggest advantages of using a construction time tracking app. You simply cannot afford to underpay or overpay employees. Hence getting payroll right is very crucial for any business really. When businesses use paper timesheets or spreadsheet software, it really increases the chances of getting payroll wrong. This is because paper timesheets and spreadsheets require a lot of manual input work. Manual input is very error-prone, can lead to payroll errors, and possibly lawsuits.

Using a time tracking app will drastically minimize the risks involved in getting payroll right. Your employees can clock in or out on a smartphone or a device in the back office instead of writing their times on paper or inputting time entries via spreadsheets.

A good time tracking software will also integrate with various payroll and accounting software such as QuickBooks, ADP, and many others. This will make the transition of time entries to the payroll software seamless and error-free

Accurate Billing

Even though you don’t want to overpay or underpay employees, you definitely don’t want to overcharge or undercharge for work done either. Billing your clients or customers is the right and ethical thing to do. The amount of time spent on a job can be tracked more accurately if everyone is doing their best to properly report their labor hours. A time tracking system makes it much easier to accurately bill clients for work done.

When a time tracking system is coupled with the ability to capture onsite photos of work being done, it adds more professionalism and accountability for construction teams.

Overtime Tracking

Many US states have overtime laws for hours worked in a day or a week. It is important to properly compensate employees for overtime hours worked. Many construction projects require several hours of overtime to complete a project on schedule. Calculating overtime correctly can be a nightmare depending on the state in which you live.

Fortunately, time tracking software can help you accurately track overtime. A worthwhile time tracking software will also notify employees when they are going over their daily allotted hours.

FLSA lawsuits are on the rise and again you just cannot afford to get payroll wrong. A construction time tracking software will help remove the errors associated with inaccurate timesheets

Save Time & Money

As the saying goes, “time is money” and time tracking software can save you a ton of time and money. The cost of not using time tracking software is huge. For instance, with paper timesheets, you have to deal with bad handwriting. Not everyone writes legibly and so time can be wasted following up or catching up with people to confirm their timesheets properly. Why spend hours waiting on an employee to confirm their handwriting when technology can make this much easier.

There’s also the added burden of timesheets not being turned in on time. Many people don’t like keeping track of time and others don’t even turn in their time cards on time unless they are asked to. Payroll time can be exacerbated when employees have to be constantly nudged to turn in their time cards. Even worse is when it’s time to run payroll and the employee cannot be reached. This leaves the person running payroll in a predicament and likely misinterpreting the numbers on the time card.

Better Budgeting and Job Costing

It’s very easy to overlook the added benefit of better budgeting and job costing provided by time tracking software. Sometimes people forget to switch jobs or cost codes for jobs with multiple cost codes. This leads to inaccurate calculations for billable hours.

It may not sit really well with your customers if they’re billed for work that they shouldn’t. Likewise, your teammates or employees will not be pleased if they are not paid what they thought they should be paid.

Sometime tracking software out there will help you budget plan for your construction business. A thoughtfully designed time tracking software will show actual vs estimated hours worked on your budget and will alert you if you are about to exceed your estimated hours. Polina Export is one such organization that uses such tracking software to enhance productivity. 

Mitigate Time Theft

Time theft is a serious problem for a lot of businesses. The American Payroll Association has pointed out that most employees claim 10 minutes a day of extra time. 10 minutes here and there for each employee really starts to add up over time. It gets really expensive for businesses when time theft is not addressed. Let’s say you have 5 employees all paid at $10/hr. If your employees are claiming 10 minutes of time extra each day, then over a 5-day period, one employee will have claimed almost an hour of extra time. Now that’s conservatively a $50 a week lost for all your 5 employees. In a month that’s $200. For companies with lots of employees paying higher wages, that gets pretty expensive.

Other forms of time theft include buddy punching. Buddy punching happens when a co-worker decides to clock in on behalf of another employee when the employee being clocked in is not readily working. There are many reasons why one employee may want to clock in for another but buddy punching is a form of time fraud. Many time tracking apps today adopt different accountability technology to ensure that construction workers are not clocking in fraudulently. Such technology includes geofencing, GPS tracking of the path traveled, fingerprint readers, and facial recognition.


For whatever direction you choose, you should try to avoid using paper timesheets or spreadsheets. These are very costly ways to track payroll for your general contractor or construction business. Time tracking software is the new and safest way to track time.

If you are looking to adopt a time tracking solution for your business, be sure to check out Timer. 

Syed Ali Hyder

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