GogoPDF Guide: Quickly Convert Word Files Into Professional Quality PDFs

GogoPDF Guide: Quickly Convert Word Files Into Professional Quality PDFs

The majority of people use a Word document to compose and write resumes, brochures, contracts, confidential or sensitive information; the number of lists shared as a PDF is endless. While a Word format may be easier to edit, it’s always prone to a data breach. Transforming it into a PDF file is the best thing to do to secure the files.

GogoPDF is the best tool to convert your documents. It offers multiple devices to your conversion needs. It can convert PDF to HTML, PPT, Excel, PPT, and many more. You also can work the other way around as it can convert vice versa. You can even Merge, Split, Compress, Repair, Unlock, Delete pages in a PDF, and so much more.

What Is A PDF File?

A Portable Document Format, commonly known as PDF files, is one of the most used formats and is utilized everywhere. It is also highly suggested for documents with essential and valuable information. Having an online Word to PDF converter makes it more straightforward for everyone to secure their documents from hackers.

PDF files are complicated to copy. The usual copy and paste method used on a Word document might not operate on PDF files in some moments. It is also the same as images. However, users can add watermarks to prevent anyone from attempting to imitate a copy of your ideas and hard-earned work with GogoPDF’s Add watermark tool.

These days, some businesses usually have their documents transformed into PDF files since it’s more effortless to view, scan, or printout them from any device. Moreover, even some employers ask for a PDF version of a resume and cover note. So, how do you convert a Word document into PDF?

GogoPDF: Efficient Online Converter Tool

You can convert your Word document with GogoPDF for free. There are only four simple steps to follow. The first step is to upload the Word document into the designated box. You also have the option to drag and drop for a more straightforward technique. GogoPDF will instantly begin the process.

Please wait until the conversion process is completed. GogoPDF has quick processing, so no worries waiting for too long as the tool works quickly but accurately. Once the conversion is finished, you can now save and download the newly converted PDF document into your device.

Moreover, GogoPDF has an easy sharing feature through email or the link, wherein you can share and send your files to your friends and colleagues in the easiest way possible. If you wish to share it through the link, copy and paste the shareable link into the choice web browser. If via email, fill the email tab of all the necessary data and press send.

Safety And Security

GogoPDF has the best security policy that provides its users the highest comfort and trust whenever using its tools. GogoPDF is SSL encrypted. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a general form of technology connection that extra safeguards the user’s internet browser that is accessed between two transmissions.

A great feature that can make users feel at ease as it prevents the risk of getting viruses, malware, suspicious software programs, scammers, hackers, and many of the online malicious intents. On top of that, since GogoPDF is committed to protecting and securing the personal information and files it receives, it has a unique policy.

Everything you have processed, converted, and transmitted on their website will be deleted after an hour. The privacy and safety of its customers are essential to GogoPDF. That is one of their top priorities; to have a secured and protected server that everyone can convert peacefully.

GogoPDF PRO Users

As much as people’s lives have become better with technology, some of the online converter tools must be purchased at a high cost and may not have the best quality compared to GogoPDF. But with this specific online converter, every device and feature can be utilized for free!

However, it can be used a certain number of times only. That’s why you can always subscribe to their premium version and enjoy its great perks and benefits. The PRO version provides more exciting and functional tools for its users. GogoPDF allows users to have a 14-day trial to experience the premium version features.

Besides, you can always cancel the subscription anytime. Some of PRO users’ advantages are getting prioritized whenever there’s a technical difficulty or issue on their documents through the website, no more annoying pop-up advertisements, and not but not the least. You can always convert and edit documents simultaneously.


GogoPDF is the ultimate tool for converting a Word document into a PDF file format. You don’t have to go through any complications as it only has easy steps to comply with. Why stress yourself trying to find other online converter tools when GogoPDF has everything your file needs.

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