How Quality Culture is Evolving the Tech World?

How Quality Culture is Evolving the Tech World?

In November 2019, Disney+ launched and crashed on the same day. A Disney executive said that there were several technical malfunctions, including a coding issue with their application. This is just an example of the hundreds of apps failing to meet quality assurance standards. Just because a firm fails to anticipate wrong demands wrongly, their business suffers enormous losses. Enterprises need to utilize the latestsoftware testing tools more efficiently to ensure quality products with faster release cycles. 

Organizations Perceive Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance the Same

Well, most of the organizations consider quality engineering and quality assurance the same thing. Whether it is a start-up, medium-sized business, or a well-established company, there are several factors that affect a firm’s perception of quality assurance (QA) and quality engineering (QE). The size of the business and its industry type also plays a vital role in determining their QA strategy. It depends on what product a company offers, and where QA happens to be in their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. A considerable enterprise does not necessarily need to have a large QA department and vice versa. The QA budget is also an essential factor for an organization’s perception of QA and QE.

Key Factors that Make QA an Important Factor for Digital Transformation

Commitment, effective communication, and adaptation to change are the three crucial factors that drive a successful QA process in the digital transformation process. It is not possible to achieve the desired results from digitalization efforts without involving management’s commitment to the business. Clear communication with the teams is extremely important so that they are aware of what they are expected to achieve and how far they succeed in achieving their goals. Thus, enterprises need to involve all team members to ensure software quality is ensured. 

Quality Engineering Helps Teams in Following an Innovative Approach to Testing

When QE teams work in a cohesive manner, they can achieve quality engineering. To achieve an innovative approach to software testing, everyone in a team must perform their role actively. The developers conduct path testing, testers performing cross-browser and other testing types, and the product teams work on user acceptance testing (UAT). All team members use the right software testing tools for quality assurance purposes. These tools help in bringing all the team members and stakeholders on the same page. 


Software testing companies have laid extreme importance on achieving quality assurance by devising a quality engineering strategy. There are several other methodologies businesses are shifting to, including the shift-right, test more, DevOps, Agile, etc. but all that matters is the approach a firm takes towards software testing. Thus, teams are expected to utilize the best software testing tools available in the market for ensuring quality and speed. It is impossible to succeed at producing quality products without team collaboration – making quality an important ingredient of the ever-changing tech world

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