Quick And Easy PDF to Word Converter Tricks You Can Do

Quick And Easy PDF to Word Converter Tricks You Can Do

If there is one thing that is consistent with corporate employees worldwide, whether you’re a rank and file in a start-up, or at the middle management of a prestigious corporation, it’s that once in a while you’d come across a PDF file that needs to be converted into a Word document. Why? Because you need to make fundamental edits into it. When this happens, one of the most common solutions is to use the pre-installed PDF reader and editor that moonlights as a converter in your work computer.

But what if you’re away from your laptop, in transit to the office? Well, fret not because PDF to Word conversion can now be done online. Yes, you’ve read that right, with the world becoming more and more connected every day, we are now at a point in time where PDF conversion can be done without the help of dedicated, third-party software. In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best PDF to Word conversion tricks you need to add to your skillset:

Do It Online

As we’ve talked about earlier, one of the niftiest tricks in converting PDF to Word is doing it online. Browser-based web applications are great alternatives when you’re away from your computer, and you can even port the entire work to it, to save precious storage on your work computer if you’re so keen. What’s great about doing the conversion online is that you need not have a great deal of experience to convert successfully!

What you need is just basic know-how of how things work, like uploading files and the mode of conversion. To do a successful conversion, you need a working Internet connection. Since it is online, you can use your smartphone’s browser for this. Alongside the PDF to Word conversion tool, there are also several tools for MS Office based file formats.

When Converting PDF, The Best Alternative Conversion Is Always The OCR Option

One process you need to undergo when you are converting PDF to Word is to decide what option of conversion you want to do. With almost all converters, the standard option will yield an image of the PDF’s contents pasted on a Word file. This won’t do if you are looking to edit the contents inside, but if you just need to convert it without specific instructions, you can probably get away with it.

The best alternative conversion from PDF to Word is the one with the OCR option. This will turn the PDF’s elements into an editable file which means, when you open the resulting converted file in Word, you can already edit the text, spacing, and format. Remember, elements like images and icons inherent to the PDF won’t be editable sometimes. Always set the conversion to this option so you get the best Word document that’s ready to print.

Make Sure That The Converted File Can Be Reverted If It Comes Down To It

Converting PDF to Word is tricky, but when you want to revert that converted file to PDF again, it should be easy to do. Word documents can be converted to PDF effortlessly, even in MS Office’s native Word processing suite. But sometimes, it can identify a previously converted file and won’t revert it to the original.

It’s very important that the result of the Word document that you’ll share online can be converted to PDF when it’s ready for printing. This is also helpful, especially when the document is collaborated on. Sending a raw file for printing isn’t the best choice, and Word documents are considered as such.


Converting PDF to Word might be taxing if you don’t have the right tools. But it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Once you get the hang of it, you could instantly. There’s no steep learning curve to go through either if you know how to use the Internet and almost everyone can do these days, then you are pretty much set! With these tricks above, you can easily master PDF editing effortlessly! We’ve featured some great online tools for you to use when converting files and we hope this helps in making your conversion tasks easier.

Syed Ali Hyder

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