10 Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids Under the Age of 12

10 Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids Under the Age of 12

Are you a parent? If yes, then you better know that summer times can be difficult. Parents of kids under the age of 12 have to deal constantly with bored children. There are limited a child can do while remaining inside the house. Therefore, children need to involve in physical activities and play outside during the summers.

Playing outside during summers is fun. However, many kids can become easily bored with a handful of summer toys. If you are parenting a kid who is younger than 12, you have several options when you talk about buying outdoor toys.

Following is a list or summary of the ten most popular outside toys for kids under the age of twelve.

Water and Sand Activity Tables

Water and sand activity tables allow kids to play in the water or the sand almost at the same time. A majority of tables are portioned into two sections.

Large companies make water and sand activity tables. Therefore, you can buy a wide range of different table designs. Most water and sand tables are made for children aged three or more.

Outdoor Water Sprinklers

For many years, outdoor water sprinklers have become a blessing for kids who don’t have pool access. They literally struggle to stay cool during summers.

You have different options for outdoor water sprinklers in different styles. Conventional sprinklers can be purchased; however, plastic animals, childrens play tent, and other popular cartoon characters can be used as sprinkler systems.  All outdoor sprinklers need water hookup via a garden hose.

Water Guns

Similar to water sprinklers, water guns are quite fun for children without a baby play pool to stay cool. Water guns are available in different sizes, shapes, and styles. You can buy a water gun, which you can fit into your hand or on your palm. You can get water guns that are big enough till it is about a waist tall.

Huge water guns incline to have more force when you talk about dispensing the water. This means many large water guns are unsafe for kids under the age of five.

Slip and Slide Water Toys

Slip and slides are renowned as small-scale water slides. They have become a popular summer toy for children between the age of 5 and 12 years. Slip and slides are the best on hills; however, through running water your kid can have fun on a flat surface too.

Several slip and slides are available at housethings.com.au with sprinkler systems or on miniature wading pools for extra fun.

Inflatable Water Slides

Recently, the above-mentioned slip and slide toys were the only slides designed for home usage without a pool. Now large-scale water slides are sold online and in superstores around the world.

These inflatable slides can go as high as 10 feet in the air. They come along with a miniature pool placed at the bottom. Because of their large size, many water slides are designed for kids over the age of four or five.


Sandboxes are in millions of backyards across the US. When filled via sand, sandboxes offer fun hours for the whole family. A sandbox along with the kids play tent house can come in a conventional box size or can come as large as plastic animals.

Big plastic crabs and turtles are popular in children of the age of five.

Teeter Totters

Many children and parents wrongly believe that teeter-totters are meant for the park only. However, there is a huge number of teeter-totters designed for backyards of every size. Large teeter-totters can be hooked in the ground. Therefore, they are safe for adults and older children to use.

Smaller teeter-totters are designed and transportable for children under the age of 10.

Grill Accessories

Toy grills have become one of the popular outdoor toys in the toys market. Quite a few companies make these grills and you can see a large selection of various styles at most retail stores.

The grills come in different sizes with plastic food, talking pieces, and other grill accessories. These grills allow kids to feel like a grownup while they can cook alongside their parents.

Children’s Garden Accessories and Wheelbarrow

A children’s wheelbarrow can be played for various fun outdoor activities. Children can use wheelbarrows to help their parents in the garden. A large number of wheelbarrows can be bought with additional garden accessories for fun.

Kids’ wheelbarrows are offered in different sizes and shapes; therefore, children of every age can have fun with this wonderful outdoor toy.


Bubbles have been considered fun outside toys, but the additional bubble toys’ creation has enhanced their fun. Besides traditional bubbles, there are bubble-making machines as well.

These machines can produce hundreds of bubbles in a few minutes. Some machines can create huge bubbles. Apart from bubble-making machines, there are other bubble accessories too that can create unique bubble shapes and much more.

Wrap Up

All the above-mentioned toys are among the top ten popular outside toys for kids under the age of twelve. The good news is almost all these toys are reasonably priced and amazing for backyards of any size. Why let your loved one suffer a boring summer when you can get a large variety of fun outdoor toys?

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