What are Your Options if You Are Under Ransomware Attack?

What are Your Options if You Are Under Ransomware Attack?

We are living in a digital age where everything has been made possible by the latest and advanced technology. However, it is also true that with the advent of the digital age, the world has seen a new crime genre – cybercrime.

Different surveys around the world suggest that cybercrimes of all types cost billions of dollars to the business around the globe. It means that if you own a business, it must be your utmost priority to make sure that your business is safe and secure from the criminals who commit crimes in cyberspace.

One of the most common crimes that these criminals do is called ransomware attacks. As the name suggests that it is a type of crime in which ransomware is sent to your systems by the criminals, and they encrypt all the data present in the system. Then, they tell you that the only way to get access to your data is that you give them the desired money. But, before you believe them, here are your options that you must consider before giving your hard-earned money to the criminals.

Here are the options that you have in case of a ransomware attack:

Isolate the Site of Attack

The first and the most important thing that you need to identify is the site of the infection. It means that you need to evaluate the damage and isolate the files and folders that have been damaged by the ransomware. It is important because once you are able to isolate the infection, it’ll be easy and simple for you to protect the files that are not infected, and you’ll be able to contain the virus at the site of its origin.

Identify the Type of Infection

Next and the most critical step is the identification of the virus. It is important because the type of the virus decides how many options you have and how you can fight the ransomware attack. So, if you’ve successfully identified the virus, it means that you can think about the next step and forget about paying the money to the criminals. So, get your best people working on the identification of the type of the virus when you are sure that your data has been attacked by the ransomware.

Report to the Authorities

If you have made your mind that you are not going to fall into the trap that criminals have laid for you, then it is time to report the concerned authorities and see what they can do for you. Doing this means that you have now finally decided that you are going to communicate with the criminals. So, leave the matter in the hands of the security authorities and keep your focus on recovering your data back because the future of your company depends on it. 

Get Professional Help

You need to think a thousand times before making a rash decision and paying money to the criminals. More often than not, even after paying the money, there is no guarantee that you’ll get back access to your company’s data. It means that you can lose both your money and the data that holds the future of your business. Therefore, it is important that if you’ve figured out that your own team is unable to decrypt the data or remove the ransomware, then you must hire a professional company for ransomware removal from the system. All you need to do is make sure that they have proven experience and skill to deal with the kind of infection that your system has.

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