Must Read Books for New Tech Manufacturing Start-up Owners

Must Read Books for New Tech Manufacturing Start-up Owners

Technology has become an essential aspect of our lives. Be it in the form of hardware devices or software embedded in various applications, we have somehow started depending on its presence. Tech Manufacturers are businesses that produce equipment, products and software services that involve technology and automation.

Today a number of tech manufacturing start-ups have launched in an attempt to make technology as accessible as possible. The largest Tech manufacturing Company in the world right now is Apple Inc., an electronics company that manufactures mobile phones, smart devices and laptops. They are in a strong product rivalry with other tech-manufacturing giants, Samsung Electronics. 

If you’re also looking to launch a tech start-up of your own, we recommend reading the following books before you head on to your new career. Find out a list of some must-reads below:


Mikkel Svane, the founder of Zendesk, writes down a special insider look into his company in his book Startupland. The book takes you behind-the-scenes at Zendesk where Svane talks about how from nowhere his company reached a record high at the stock market. He further describes the importance of accepting failure, why a boring tech product can be the most fascinating one and how significant it is to give back to our community.

Startupland is a great read for all the young tech founders and entrepreneurs who are looking to find a career in technology.

Your One Word

 This book empowers people to create businesses that revolve around a mission. Famous entrepreneur and writer Evan Carmichael urge readers to adopt a simple motto when building start-ups – to find your passion and purpose as a business leader. He believes regardless of the type of business, leaders must search for meanings and form businesses that are filled with intent, focus and commitment.  

The Upstarts

The Upstarts discover the rise and fall of the famous Tech start-ups Airbnb and Uber. In his successfully published book, Brad Stone, the senior editor at Bloomberg News shares his insights on the economy’s effects on the tech industries. The Upstarts is a brilliant piece of writing that explores the new generation of technology and the rise of this extensive online B2B Marketplace today. It further reinvigorates the ideas of tech visionary leaders like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and how they built an empire of tech manufacturing from nowhere.

The book also offers great lessons and takeaways from the industry giants and guides aspiring tech entrepreneurs to prepare themselves for this journey.

  The Industries of the Future

No doubt, technology manufacturing is incomplete without the use of cutting-edge technology and innovation. As more start-ups look forward to making technology an easy access, entrepreneurs are making sure to involve significant advancements in manufacturing.

This book ‘The industries of the Future’ provides a comprehensive outlook at the technology industry’s most recent advancements like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, genomics and big data. Alec Ross, in his book, shares how entrepreneurs can utilize the ever-changing tech industry to take their place in the world of businesses.

Creativity, Inc.

Creativity, Inc. is a genius book by Ed Catmull. It is especially for business managers who strive on taking their organization to a new level. Young Entrepreneurs must read this to find innovative ways to lead their tech start-ups. Not just that, they should take notes on how to construct an idea, build its foundations and scale it in the form of a company.

Technically Wrong

In Technically Wrong, renowned artist Sara Wachter- Boettcher talks about the hard truth about Technology. In a world where we give so much data to tech products and apps, the author makes us realise what information we are giving away and what we must not. This includes tracking apps, social media, and finding personalized information and recommendation systems. She, through her book, shows us the other side of the screen and demands us to make informed choices about the products we use.

Technically wrong is a great read for new and emerging business leaders who are using technology in manufacturing products and services. They must be mindful of what they will be offering to their audience.

Syed Ali Hyder

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