Guide To Monitor Your New Product Launch at A B2B Trade Show

Guide To Monitor Your New Product Launch at A B2B Trade Show

The best way to maximize the exposure and connectivity with the buyers is by launching a product at an international trade show. The right planning, on a point marketing campaign, and exhibit supporting your product all work in harmony to increase sales. The trick is to keep an attentive eye on the launch and assess carefully how far it gets in terms of generating leads.

Here we have compiled some amazing tips that you must discover to plan and monitor the effective product launch at upcoming fairs.

Choose the Business Events Smartly

Not every event is an equal period. You need to be really on the alert when choosing an event for your product launch. There are several kinds of events some larger some smaller, some product based some catering to specific niche, and some are tilted towards networking and workshops. You have to decide which trade events out of the lot suits your product the most and where you are likely to get maximum interested investors.

This sounds easy but it is really tricky you can’t really just pick an even and go like oh! It relates to our product. It may relate, but are you sure about the attendants and their inclinations? You have to study that as well if you want to keep a tab for future. It is important to know about the type of visitors if you want to estimate the benefit you have had by launching the product at a certain B2B trade show.

Pre-Launch Promotion

Product launch promotions play a huge part in the later success and bringing the customers. They also play a major role when it comes to determining the leads the launch will get. Make sure that these pre-show marketing tactics highlights all the key points that you are going to focus on the launch.

In order to amplify the reach of this campaign using the power of social media, e-mails, and advertising. Keep a close eye on the response you are getting through each medium as it will help a lot in determining the final response you should expect at the trade fairs where you are planning to launch the product.

Also, you and your staff can get the required training by monitoring the feedback you are getting, replying to the comments and queries by the customers. Your team will know what they are supposed to face on the final day when the product is in front of the public.

Social Media for the Win

Social media is a big game changer of today’s world. Use it wisely in the days leading to the B2B trade show to build the excitement around the product that is about to launch.

This is also a platform to gauge the feedback about the product precisely and your reputation in general. Use the hashtag for the event to create the hype and let more people know about the show. The more people will know, the more will attend, and the more will be the number of leads for you.

Build Relations with Buyers

There are many perks of attending business events, and one of them is the face-to-face connections that you make with the customers. Make sure to collect the information on every potential buyer and follow up as quickly as possible. These shows are a financial investment so, as soon as they are over put your energies to maximize the advantage and convert leads into sales.

The After Party

Not only before and after efforts count you also have to make sure that during trade shows your booth is not empty. You must have a considerable amount of visitors at the stall at all time. Due to your pre-show marketing, you will already have an idea about the interest of the visitors. Try to be prepared to tackle that interest by product demonstration and public engagement.


These are the few tips that you can apply to plan and monitor the perfect launch at trade events. These tips will enable you and your team to know more about the reactions you are going to face beforehand so you can be prepared well. The tips regarding the time of the launch will make you more confident when you are in front of the crowd and last but not the least the after show tips will help you convert the leads into sales.

Syed Ali Hyder

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