How Much Money Can You Make With Freelancing? [Infographic]

How Much Money Can You Make With Freelancing? [Infographic]

As an ever-growing trend, freelancing has been taking on full-time employment for the last couple of years now. Freelancing is a trend everyone’s pretty much familiar with, whether we’re talking about those with a decade of experience in the online field, or those merely thinking about getting started with it.


One interesting study performed by many online portals, including knowledge sharing platform Zeqr, attempts to focus on how much money an average freelancer might earn each year. With reliable data from other sources such as Payoneer to back up the fact that an average freelancer works for a rate of $21 per hour. This leads to an annual salary of more than $39,000 (pre-tax). Shockingly enough, this amount of money goes much higher for jobs often found online, such as business developers, software developers, and project managers.


Experienced freelancers that are proficient in handling more than one client also have the liberty of losing one of them without having an entire source of income gone down the drain, meaning that if you get to such a position, you will instantly get to the point where you realize freelancing is as good of a career move as ever. And we couldn’t agree more!


Freelance teachers, on the other hand, earn their living by providing downloadable (or live) content / classes to their clients (more often referred to as students) and then promote their work by offering all sorts of discounts and benefits. Since programming courses are most common, the infographic below shows that an average monthly salary of $6,000 is to be expected for a developer offering courses, but that can depend on the amount of traction they generate.  Learning new skills will also help you boost your earnings, as you need to stay on top of the market to be able to remain relevant.


All in all, we believe that this infographic provides a lot of insight as to how much money an average US citizen might make as a freelancer, as well as a source of motivation telling you that without sticking to a freelancing career, you’ll lose the chance to earn a lot more money than you could ever imagine.

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