Money Transfer: The Different Ways to Send Money & Funds

Money Transfer: The Different Ways to Send Money & Funds

Money transfer services are more plentiful than you might think and it’s hard to navigate. Here are the different options!

In order to make money transfers, you have several options. Many organizations offer to send your money in a variety of ways, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Which solution to choose? It depends on your needs!


When making a money transfer, be sure to check all the settings in order to find the best price. Indeed, everything will depend on your needs. One option may be more advantageous for one person than for another. There are several methods to send your funds online. To find the ideal way, you have to check:

01: Transfer fees
02: The exchange rate
03: Withdrawal fees
04: Transfer times
05: The proposed destinations
06: How the money can be received (in cash or in a bank account)

There are 5 ways to transfer money. Here they are:

1. The Bank Transfer

Known to all, transferring money from bank to bank is the most common. Ideal for transferring money online in France and in the eurozone (SEPA zone), it is on the contrary, not the most economical to transfer money abroad. Indeed, banks can take up to 8%  commission on transfers abroad (outside the eurozone) … it’s huge!

Why is this Interesting?

1: For money transfers to an account at the same bank.
2: For online money transfers in France and in the eurozone (SEPA zone): most are free.

Why is it worth going elsewhere?

1: To save money on money transfers abroad (outside the eurozone)
2: To send money in cash
3: To save money on withdrawals abroad
4: For banking prohibitions … Yes, it goes without saying
5: Because there are other cheaper alternatives

2. Sending Money by Mail

The Post offers several money transfer services whether or not you have a postal bank account. Money orders are a convenient way to send cash fairly quickly.

Why can this be interesting?

  • Convenient and fast. The post office is never far away

Why is it worth going elsewhere?

1: If you want to save money.
2: The amount is limited to 1,500 euros.
3: The fees are higher than some private operators such as Azimo or Transferwise which also offer the sending of money in cash.

3. International Online Money Transfer

Transferring money online is often the cheapest way compared to transferring money through physical branches. The fees charged by banks on money transfers abroad and the prices charged by Western Union have opened up the market to interesting new operators. New online operators have thus appeared, making it possible to transfer money at much lower prices. Among them we find:

01: Transferwise
02: Azimo
03: Xendpay
04: Circle Pay

Western Union, Moneygram and Ria are the big bosses of the market, known for a long time, with branches everywhere and easy to access. However, they charge higher prices and are often hidden in the exchange rate!

4. The Prepaid Card

If you want to send money to your child while travelling, make withdrawals in a different currency inexpensively, the prepaid card system is worth a look. It allows payment and withdrawal abroad without having an affiliated bank account, it is sufficient to reload the card and this can be done remotely.

Payton and We swap are two sites that offer this type of service.

5. Electronic Wallets: Skrill, Paypal, Google Wallet…

For international money transfers, these electronic portfolios are worth avoiding! Most people use them, yet the fees charged are very large and not very visible at first glance. Paypal and Skrill charge between 3 and 10% of transfers abroad …


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, everything will depend on your needs. So, depending on whether you want to send your emergency money, cash, account to account, to the UK, Spain or Morocco: the best offer will be different.

However, some companies have specialized in certain needs. Even if the prices change every day, we note that Transferwise often offers the lowest prices for bank-to-bank transfers. If you want to send your money in cash, the Azimo site will surely be a good option!

If you are a resident of India and want to transfer money locally at the national level, the Spay India app is the best solution for you. With Spayindia, you can transfer money instantly, pay your utility bills and also pay for your online shopping.

For quick transfers, operators sometimes offer additional fees. Azimo and Western Union are generally the fastest.


Comparators can be of great help to you in choosing the right service for you. These specialized sites compare the different platforms and give you the best option according to different criteria: the charges applied, the transfer time, the destination, etc. We have chosen a few for you below:


French start-up created by expatriates, tired of losing money in transfers. Moneytis  allows you to compare more than 308 secure money transfer solutions  with:

1: Method of payment, exchange rate, speed and the amount received
2: A very responsive cat
3: Exchange rate notifications
4: A 100% refund guarantee for your transactions if they are cancelled or refused
5: Opinions on each company.


Monito analyzes more than 450 money transfer providers. Some of these benefits include:

1: A clear site with complete information: means of payment and receipt, the exchange rate, speed
2: Guides to save on transfers
3: Complete opinions on each operator
4: Live market exchange rate
5: The site includes special offers from operators in their selection.

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