4 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch and Where to Hire Top Mobile App Developers

4 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch and Where to Hire Top Mobile App Developers

According to Grandview Research, the mobile app industry was worth over 170.52 billion USD in 2020 and is forecasted to grow to 366.34 billion USD in 2027. With thriving growth and increasing demand for innovation by consumers, the app industry will become a leading industry in the next few decades. While these are exciting news, building your mobile application has never been more daunting. With streams of app developers—specifically, people who think they are app developers, it becomes increasingly difficult to find app developers that can give your product a competitive advantage. In the article on how to hire mobile app developers TopflightApps discusses challenges you meet when searching for the best talent.

Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Foldable Devices

Samsung changed the game of OLED Display technology with its foldable smartphone. In 2018 at the Android Summit, Google announced support for Samsung’s foldable screen by sing Samsung’s ‘screen continuity API.’ Google Playstore app developers—in the hundreds, now optimize some of their products for the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Some of these apps include Microsoft Office, VSCO, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify. When building your app, you must plan for the foldable experience; you will lose a viable market. The Galaxy Fold and its larger screen allow for an immersive experience, especially for gaming and streaming.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

When Faceapp rose to the limelight, it was a trend that lasted for months. Celebrities, politicians, and everyday people loved the app’s AI ability to use filters to transform a person’s face to how the person would look like when they are old. In October, the app generated over a million dollars—a rare feat by a relatively single-application app. Mobile applications like Cortana and Google Assistance use Deep Learning and Machine Learning Project to achieve real-time analytics and immense user experience. The Machine Learning industry is forecasted to be worth nine billion dollars in 2022.

When you want to hire top mobile app developers, developers can facilitate mobile applications using Machine Learning frameworks and incorporate AI technology into the apps.


Chatbots are the new rave and for all the right reasons. No one wants to spend endless minutes waiting for an available contact care representative when they can just use the self-service option to get the information they need. Chatbots are immensely popular amongst consumers; companies also utilize them to help customers get the information they need as quickly as possible. WHEN INTEGRATED INTO YOUR APP, these CRM (Customer Relationship Management) bots will greatly enhance customer satisfaction at a fraction of the normal cost. A Gartner research claims that chatbot cost saving will deliver more than $8billion. While Google Playstore has about 2.5million apps and Apple Store has around 1.8million, only a handful of apps have chatbot features; hence, chatbot enhancement knowledge should be one of the factors to consider when you want to hire an app development team.

Other trends in the app include wearable technology, a trend that had more than 450 million connected wearable devices in 2017.

Where to find a Programmer for an App

To answer the question, how to hire an app developer, you must establish your company’s needs, goals, and strategies. Considering factors like, ‘is the project long-term or short-term? Will I be building just one app or an array of apps? Do I need a full-stack web developer? Do I need an in-house team? Does my company operate on an enterprise-level collaboration space that can enable remote programmers?’ will help you determine your needs.

Freelance Websites

Freelance websites like Upwork, Toptal, and People Per Hour are great places to find app developers. Depending on the complexity of your project and your budget, you may begin your search at the Top-Rated level for Upwork. When thinking about how to hire an app developer in the USA, freelance websites like Upwork offer you the opportunity to filter your search to just US freelancers.

B2B Directories

Are you looking to hire a programming or app development agency? B2B directories have endless resources for companies that need programmers. You will surely come across a company that can help you define and create your app needs from reviews to ratings and other information about different app development companies.

There are more than 2.5 million apps in the Google PlayStore and about 1.8million apps in the apple store. As years go by, companies will build more apps—leading to saturation. There is a high possibility that your big idea for an app is already being explored by another entrepreneur. Building an app that stands out in functionality, user-experience, and seamless integration with other platforms will give your business an edge in the marketplace. 


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