Marcus P. Zillman – The Man Behind Virtual Private Library

Marcus P. Zillman – The Man Behind Virtual Private Library

An architect for eSolutions, author, keynote speaker, international internet expert, and corporate consultant discussing the significance of searching the internet and Chatbots and other different types of intelligent agents available on the internet that changes the way he lives and interact with others, Marcus has more than thirty years of experience in employing databases online and is an author of nearly 100 white papers, eBooks, and MiniGuides about the internet and the efficient resources which are available to both the veteran and the newbie.

Currently serving as an Executive Director for the Virtual Private Library which are the founders of nearly 54 informational blogs and content, Zillman is involved heavily being a renowned speaker and author giving informative presentations to the groups and associations all over the world.

His presentations highlight significant aspects of the internet along with being the executive producer for BOT2000 and BOT2001 conferences.

Zillman has been famous for his informative eBooks, and his latest book The Survivor’s Manual for The New Economy is a 240-page reference manual providing different types of sites and sources for the economy.

Despite being an international speaker, author and tutor giving lessons about internet and its usage to the newbies, Marcus is also a previous or current distinguished member for the American Society for Informational Science and Technology, Web Intelligence Consortium, Association of Internet Professionals, Association of Computing Machinery, UK Online Users Group, P2P Working Group, The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence, the gPulp Working Group, and many more.

Some of his informative resources are easily available to the people all over the world. Some of them are:

  • Virtual Private Library –
  • Website:
  • White Papers:
  • 54 Subject Tracers:
  • A simple man with a simple motive, Marcus aims to educate the people all over the world with his effective teaching methods and informative sessions regarding different aspects of the internet, Artificial Intelligence and many more.


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