Manage Your Business with Drinkle – Tool Made for Everyone

Manage Your Business with Drinkle – Tool Made for Everyone

Each business has different needs when we talk about project management. For instance, if the team is working most lightly, you will be applying different tactics for interactions in comparison to the team efficiently working with an open plan desk and finishing different tasks together online.

There are numerous numbers of team configurations, and it’s crucial to understand that each team figure works in the best possible manner for them.

If by chance you are reading this post, there’s a huge possibility that you haven’t figured out a solution for your business management. You might have rooted for the industrial giants, perhaps a few small ones too, but nothing has worked. Or maybe, you have started searching for the best tool to assist you and your team to work efficiently.

Throughout the entire day, we shuffle through different programs; calendars, email, meeting notes, and spreadsheets. All these things require different types of effort. Wouldn’t it be fancy if all of these work routines are managed in one go? Drinkle offers this solution.

Drinkle accumulates stock management, lead, and tasks, as well as spreadsheets, limitations, and discussions together to provide a consolidated hub to control your business objectives.

Task Management:

For the task of running the business every day, Drinkle has offered a fantastic management tool for the users. Through task management tool, the users have the advantage of creating different projects for the team to assign and work on with different clients and users, and set-up a due date for every assigned task.

The tool is also an excellent platform for sharing different types of files and providing feedback on the activities of your team.


Drinkle is the most essential for those organizations which depend on the most on Spreadsheets since they have the entire section dedicated to them which focuses on sharing and creating them completely. The spreadsheets module is a brilliant way to ensure that everything needs to be averted in columns and rows in one place.

Lead Management:

Checking up on all the leads in the business at all times might be a bit painful for many. Going through different documents in Google docs or excel files, or managing different emails is the kind of thing which majority of the people at work do. However, with Drinkle, it’s relatively easier. The application allows the users to manage all of these things at once and helps the users keep a constant track of all of them.

The users have the advantage of monitoring the stages they are in and making changes according to it.


If you are a small firm comprising of three to users or less, Drinkle is free. However, if the users exceed more than that will be charged with $10.00 a month or $60 for the entire year, which in my opinion is economical and affordable.

The prices are set to cater both the small, medium and large-sized firms to work and manage all of their tasks efficiently.


Economical, friendly, and easy to use, Drinkle has it all. The best thing about the application is that the design has graphics and animation which keeps the users hooked to their tasks. The app has been bestowed with an impressive speed since a slow application results in a slow business.


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