How to Increase the Longevity of Your Office Computers

How to Increase the Longevity of Your Office Computers

Computers for your office aren’t cheap, and you need the best return from investing in them as possible. Increasing their longevity reduces overheads and costs for computer repair and replacement. Carefully select the computers to use in your business, as some are better than others. Take action to protect them from damages and engage in routine maintenance.

When there seems to be an issue, take care of it right away. Computer repair services are less expensive than replacing a faulty machine. Rely on filters and programs to prevent viruses and other problems from developing. Don’t allow employees to use the computers for personal use. Always backup your data regularly in case you experience a system-wide virus or a computer can’t be repaired.

Purchase Quality Equipment

Computers are a necessity for any business, but be selective with what you purchase. Verify the value is there with the price, warranty, and what the system can deliver. The speed, storage capacity, and other features all influence the value of a computer. You don’t have to buy the most expensive. However, cheaply made systems aren’t going to last and you will have to replace them more frequently than a well-built one.

Surge Protectors

Prevent the need for computer repair with the use of surge protectors. Should there be electrical issues, they can damage or destroy your computers at the office. Surge protectors are inexpensive and easy to put in place. They offer a barrier to prevent such electrical concerns from harming the computers.

Routine Maintenance

Regularly inspect all computers for any concerns. Make sure they aren’t overheating and the fans work as they should. Use spray air to remove dirt and debris that could build up over time. Make sure the fan guard is secure. If it shows any signs of damage, replace it. Someone should be in charge of routine maintenance for all of the computers in the office.

Take Care of Any Problems Immediately

Employees should report any computer problems immediately. They use the system regularly, so they can tell when it is running slowly or there are other problems. If the fan is running constantly that is a telling sign the computer is getting too hot. If the system is lagging or files won’t open there could be an underlying problem. Such computers should be checked out by a professional immediately to prevent any further damage.

SPAM Filters and Anti-Virus Programs

Do your best to keep SPAM and viruses from gaining access to your office computers. There are SPAM filters to put in place. Anti-virus programs can help reduce the risk of unwanted malware attacking your internal system. If an email has a virus and someone sends it to others in the office, you could have serious computer problems as a result!

Zero-Tolerance for Personal Use of Business Computers

Employees shouldn’t be allowed to use the business computers for anything personal. There should be a zero-tolerance policy in place, meaning they could lose their job if they use the computers at work for their own needs. It is too risky for them to check their emails, pay bills, or even watch videos. They shouldn’t be doing such actions at work time so a policy to keep them from doing so can help.

Backup Data Regularly

A good backup system that can automatically store data is essential. If your business does have a computer problem, it can be time-consuming and expensive to regain the data. It may not be possible for a professional to restore all of it. With a backup, the data can easily be put back on the computer up to the last restore point. All of these actions will reduce the need for computer repair and increase the longevity of your computers.

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