Lessons to Learn from Successful Retail Startups in 2019

Lessons to Learn from Successful Retail Startups in 2019

Having your own retail store is rewarding, yet it can be a challenging business to handle if you haven’t dived into this industry. As the market is getting more competitive day by day, there should be a delicate balance between being successful and falling apart, even for a seasoned retailer whether you are using conventional marketing methods or working with a digital marketing agency to handle all of that for you.

Entrepreneurship is all about developing skills and talent and testing your luck every day. If you want to predict your future, you need to focus on startup statistics as a typical yet proven approach to learn from the lessons of others.

There lies a fine line between success and failure. Therefore, before jumping in your new retail business, take benefit from the lessons others have left for newbies.

Lessons to Stay Put in the Market

Love What You Do

Establishing a new business is one of the most crucial mental and physical tests of your stamina. You need to nibble on patience, confidence, diligence and confidence to sail through this rough journey. However, there is nothing that can stop you than being unpassionate about why you are in the market.

Try out new things that can help your business flourish. Get in touch with like-minded people or those in the perfect market to see how they use modern technology to aid their retail business.

Talent is Everything

There is a proverb among venture capitalists that says “bet on the jockey, not the horse”. In the early stages of your business, in particular, your team is potentially your most valuable asset, not your idea. A team of talented personnel with diverse skills can support, grow and cherish new initiatives for any business, whether you have a bricks-and-mortar store or own an online B2B platform. All it takes is some ambitious people with intrapreneurship skills to make things happen. Gmail, for example, was created by a Google employee using their popular 20% time policy.

Don’t Let Self-Disrupt Take Over

Retailers today are going more toward digitalization. Disruption is a natural part of running a business, but taking charge of your issues and how things will work is essential to show your consumers what and how to expect when it comes to shopping and other incentives.

The lesson here is to listen to what your environment has to say and quickly adapt so you and your consumers both can enjoy the fruitful result. In fact, when you are working on anything, it is easy to focus on what you already know, just don’t forget to tend to things that reinforce your perspective. Allow factors to come in that can enable you to evaluate the changes in your position to be successful, no matter you have an already thriving retail business or your startup. Create a safe space to get practical insights to establish and elevate your business toward your goals.

Lessons to Thrive Your Business

Branding the Minds of Consumers

Branding is the main ingredient in every business plan. Every successful DTC business and B2B platform owner can think of setting up its strong and unique identity from merely nothing. Possibly one of the best ad agencies in the world, Red Antler, shares this approach and incorporates in whenever and wherever it works best with a startup. Their work can be taken as an outstanding example. Brandless created their identity being a healthier, better, and cheaper alternative to popular branded grocery stores, only by eliminating any unnecessary sparkles like the so-called BrandTax, and fancy layered packing. It is a retail staple of eliminating the middleman, thus saving on the capital for reducing extra charges.

Get Your Hands on Modern Marketing Sorcery

Social media is a ridiculously powerful tool that can help you reach consumers as well as create brand awareness among your target audience. You need to make sure your social media ad campaigns are effective enough to divert and grab your relevant audience’s attention where other businesses and brands are trying to do the same thing.

You may use social media to connect with your loved ones, but taking advantage of its business side is vital when it comes to branding. In this case, you can turn to a reliable digital marketing agency for professional services. The experts will take care of everything digital your business needs for marketing and brand awareness purpose so you can enjoy higher web traffic to your site that can turn into leads. It doesn’t mean that you should leave the traditional marketing tactics behind – just take everything along to see better results, as people are now looking for more and more convenience due to their busy routines, especially when it comes to shopping.

Consumer is King

Consumer is king

It’s sure an old proverb, but in the brand new world of the retail market, this phrase is even more prioritized than it ever did. Since the market is perfect, you have to listen to your consumers. The most important yet common thing among retail or DTC businesses is pampering their consumer. From ordering procedure to after-sales service, the consumers should be looked after. Ensure the experience you intend to offer is crafted to be as painless and pleasant as possible. Retail and DTC businesses aim to build meaningful relationships with their customers to foster a happy community and cultivate a sense of belonging in them that their products are delivered with brand loyalties.

Use From-Clicks-to-Bricks Approach

At times, there is nothing best than walking into a store and actually feeling what you are buying. Many online retail stores are setting up their stores and franchises in multiple locations. These businesses have established and fully grown themselves in the online world and gained health in identity and inventory, and now they can enjoy opening up their stores in different locations to expand their business.

When talking about going from clicks to bricks, it typically refers to the online first, retail second mindset. You can also take it as an approach to use efficient and effective online marketing ways to build functional online traffic and lead them to find out that your store exists physically. You don’t need to worry about this factor as you may be dealing with your customers and managing business formalities, let a digital marketing agency handle it for you so that you can cherish better relationships with customers both online and in person.

Have a Monetization Strategy in Place

Every brand, whether a retail store, B2B platform or any other sort of business, must have a monetization strategy in place before stepping into the market, in case they have to change prices or strategy. If there is no monetization strategy, it can be chaotic if you need to change your business fundamentals midway.

Learning from the lessons of others goes a long way in running any type of business to find successful results – Good Luck!

Syed Ali Hyder

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