5 Fun Puzzles You Need To Try With Kids

5 Fun Puzzles You Need To Try With Kids

While the whole COVID-19 situation got most of us, it has been chiefly a matter of concern for the kids. Why so? Pre-pandemic, kids were going to their schools, having fun with their friends, and enjoying various outdoor games and activities. But now, they are restricted to homes. Moreover, we, as their caretakers, don’t want the screens to become their safe-havens. In that case, here are five fun puzzles you need to try with kids to keep everyone entertained.

But before we reveal the best five fun puzzles, we should brief you on why they are essential in the first place.

Benefits Of Puzzles For Kids

●    Better Concentration and Hand-eye Coordination

When kids try to solve puzzles, naturally, their concentrating ability gets better because they will have to focus on aligning the pieces in the right way or doing whatever the puzzle demands.

Apart from better concentration, solving puzzles can improve their hand-eye coordination, shaping them up for a bright future.

●    Spatial Transformation

Picture a kid trying to drive a toy car with his hand under the base of a table or any other furniture. You signal that it won’t pass because there is a negligible gap for the toy car to pass through. Still, they realize it when they hit the car’s roof with the furniture. Here, the kid is working on their spatial awareness. Solving puzzles improves the spatial awareness of kids.

As promised, here are your fun puzzles:

●    Chalkboard Puzzle

This puzzle is an excellent way to introduce puzzles to your toddlers. The puzzle will entice older kids too. In this puzzle, there are four or more square pieces of the chalkboard. There will be a drawing on all parts together, and then you can split all the pieces apart and jumble them. Now the kids will have to rearrange the chalkboards to come up with the original drawing.

You can make this puzzle more exciting by introducing the DIY feature. Get some wooden planks, indulge the kids in painting it with black chalkboard paint and then let it dry in the sun. Get a box of chalks, and you’ll be good to go.

●    Crossword Puzzle

This is going to improve the general knowledge of kids. A good and easy crossword puzzle is a great idea to get the kids a tint of knowledge and grammar. There will be phrases signaling an answer, and the kids will have to guess the right one.

If you ever get stuck on a crossword puzzle, don’t shy heading over to crossword 911 and searching for your answer. Now you can tell all the answers to the kids’ gang around you.

●    Scrabble – Letter Arranging Puzzle

As the name suggests, you and your kids will have a prefixed set of letters. Out of these letters, you will have to make meaningful words.

Solving this puzzle with your kids is great because they will know the different words and their meanings. Not to forget, their ability to spell will also improve by a shade or two. Although it’s hard to believe that the kids will get everything right in this on their first trial, you should always be around to help them out. That’s how they will build up their confidence and enjoy the scrabble puzzle.

●    Anagrams

Anagrams is another word puzzle on our list of five fun puzzles to try with your kids, most probably because they will boost the kids’ literary knowledge around you. Also, they help your kids become smarter and more active in general.

Just purchase an anagram puzzle online, get a dictionary and gather your kids for a literary puzzle. In this puzzle, you and the kids will have a set of words, and then all the players will have to try creating the maximum number of words from them. The one who makes the most wins the game. Although there are tonnes of mobile apps available online, you should choose the conventional way and get the feeling of an actual puzzle with those word tiles.

●    Easy ‘Do It Yourself’ Shape-Choice Puzzle

If the kids around you are way below the age of understanding how to form words, it’s best in their favor to use shape-based puzzles. For toddlers, this is an easy DIY puzzle that you can make at home with their help.

In this puzzle, all you have to do is draw different shapes like stars, circles, and rectangles on cardboard with a marker. Now on chart paper, make the exact figures and cut out the carvings. Tell the toddlers to put the carvings on their respective outlines made on the cardboard.

This puzzle will have two benefits for toddlers – they will get to know about the different shapes by playing, and they will learn how to draw different shapes.


The above were the top five puzzles that you can enjoy with the kids. Apart from that, you got to know why puzzles play a vital role in children’s overall development. So get a suitable puzzle today and indulge with your kids.

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