Reasons to Invest in MREs For Your Family

Reasons to Invest in MREs For Your Family

Preparing meals for your family the traditional way can be tiresome and time-consuming. Meals Ready to Eat, also known as MREs, are well-preserved foods that have been made to have a long shelf life and are readily available to eat within a short time. While MREs are commonly used in the military, civilians can also buy them.

MREs are divided into two groups, military-grade and civilian grade. Military-grade is manufactured for service members and does not have various flavors and foods compared to civilian grade. Various reasons will drive an individual to invest in small business or also in MREs.

Here are some of the reasons you need to invest in MRE Canada for your family.

They Are a Great Source of Camping Food

When you decide to go camping with your family, you will need food and snacks for the entire trip. MREs are good for camp because they are easy to carry and do not require special containers. The packaging for MREs is usually very strong, and your food cannot get wet unless you tamper with the packaging.

One of the problems people encounter while camping is their food attracting wild animals. MREs do not produce any smell so if you were to forget some outside, it’s not likely to attract wild animals such as bears or mountain lions.

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness

A disaster can strike at any moment, leaving you and your family without food or any means to prepare one. For example, floods or wildfire disasters can cause you and your family to move to safer areas where rescue can be easily facilitated.

You may not have enough time to pack all foodstuffs from your kitchen and the appliances for preparing them. MREs are essential during disasters, and they are easy to pack and carry and they also do not need cooking appliances for preparation.   

MREs are Ideal During Pandemics

It is important to have extra food in the pantry. However, the food you get from your local store has a very short shelf life and you cannot keep them stored for a long time as they will most likely go bad.

During a pandemic, you need to have enough food that can last you a few weeks. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, most countries enforced lockdowns which led to panic buying. You could visit a store and not find any meaningful food to buy.

But with MREs, you and your family can have something to complement your food reserve until the lockdown is lifted or your local stores get more supplies.

MREs are Stress-Free

Food preparation can be frustrating and stressful if you have family members with different preferences. Many people are conscious about what they eat. Consequently, if you are responsible for preparing their meal, you may have to work extra hard in the kitchen.

Even ordering food can be tiresome. You have to spell out all the details, and if you mess up the order, someone may go without food.

A single packet of MRE contains various foods. You can choose the various packages when you buy them while considering your family members’ eating preferences.

MREs are Perfect for Time Management

Shopping for food is time-consuming. You have to push your cart through various aisles as you select foodstuffs and groceries. Preparing and cooking the food will also take up some of your time. Some people do not have the luxury of setting aside one hour or two for preparing meals.

If time is rarely on your side, you can buy MREs and serve your family. MREs are the best alternative to traditional cooking. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions on the packet, and you have your meal within a few minutes.

No Need To Clean Up

MREs do not require much cleaning up since you won’t have any pots to scrub. Once you are done with your meal, you dispose of the packaging bags in a dustbin. If you have a large family, a single MRE serving will give you a good break from cleaning numerous kitchen utensils.

MRE packs often have everything you’ll need for the meal; a spoon, fork, and knife, depending on the food packed. Because of this, you will use a few to no utensils from your kitchen.

MREs Have a Long Shelf Life

MREs can last for a very long time if stored in the right conditions; they can last between 5 years to 10 years. The packages are also very durable and can withstand travel in rough conditions without damage. 

Looking for MRE? Canada Has Them in Plenty

When the military began using MREs, there were few options of food. As technology improved, there has been an increase in MRE food items on the menu.

MREs in Canada can have close to 21 items on the menu. More items on the menu mean that you can purchase several MRE packages while considering your family members’ preferences. For example, there are vegetarian MRE packages for people who do not eat meat products.

If you’re wondering where to buy MRE, Canada has plenty of online outlets such as Amazon and TotalPrepare where you can buy your food.

One important thing to note is that MREs contain massive calories. One MRE package can have close to 1200 calories. The reason why MREs have high calories is to supply the military with enough energy during tough times.

Military men go through rigorous training, and the conditions in a war zone make it easy for them to lose the calories. When you are sitting at home without getting any exercise, those calories can be dangerous to your health.  

Consider MREs for Your Family

MREs are important when stocking your emergency food supplies. You can buy several packages, but you have to ensure that you store them in the right conditions. Keep note of their expiry date so you don’t feed your family expired food during an emergency.

MREs should not replace traditionally prepared food. If you have time and energy to prepare a meal, you should do it. Make sure you buy civilian-grade MREs as they don’t have the same nutritional content as military-grade MREs.

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