How to Use Intranet Solutions To Create Company Culture

How to Use Intranet Solutions To Create Company Culture

Defining organizational culture is an important aspect of running a business successfully. 78% of CEOs/CFOs believe that organizational culture is one of the top five value drivers. 91% of CEOs/CFOs believe that corporate culture improves an organization’s value. Now the question is that when you have a dispersed workforce, how can you nurture a corporate culture? 

How remotely working people can be a part of that culture? You have multiple offices in different cities. Some workers are always on the road due to the nature of the job. Therefore, creating and promoting a culture can be challenging. Corporate intranet solutions play a huge role in creating and promoting corporate culture. The following are the key roles an intranet solution plays:

Brand and Purpose 

Employees show interest in their work when they understand the purpose of their work. They rely on managers and team leaders to communicate the meaning and purpose of their work. Your intranet can be your internal brand that instills pride and provides a sense of identity and ownership. Use your intranet to communicate your mission, values and efforts. Provide insight into different aspects of the company to put spotlight on different regions, departments or campaigns.


Employee experience in the first few weeks can make it or break it. It influences the way the new recruit perceives colleagues and the company. Have streamlined admin processes. Facilitate training. There are intranet solutions that allow you to create tailored new starter homepages to provide insight into the company culture.  

Reward and Recognition 

A positive culture is inclusive. It celebrates both the success of individual employees and the organization. Peer-to-peer recognition is important. Encourage your employees with top-down recognition using blogs or news. Letting your employees, especially the new ones know that you value their work makes them feel that their contribution is important. 

Business News and Direction 

Share business goals and objectives so that they understand where they fit. Each individual employee contributes to a successful company culture. The best intranet software connects employees. You can communicate changes and publish regular updates. 


People at the top have the biggest impact on the company culture. Employees in the office can see and hear leaders. They can share their concerns with the senior leadership in person and get a quick response. This is not possible for employees working from remote locations. Managements should make the best use of intranet solutions to engage with the staff. Senior management can like and comment. They can respond to employees on the intranet.         

A Voice 

Giving a voice to your employees plays a huge role in defining company culture. Ensure smooth two-way communication. The best intranet software comes with tools like discussion forums and commenting. Blogs can be used to raise concerns and put forward ideas. 

Break Down Silos 

Isolating experience for remote staff can be discouraging. They may communicate within their team but not with people outside the team. Intranet solutions have social features that allow interactions within and outside the team. 

Determine your and your employees’ intranet requirements and choose the right intranet solution.

Tripti Rai

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