How Should Insurance Agencies Do Their Email Marketing? 5 Simple Steps

How Should Insurance Agencies Do Their Email Marketing? 5 Simple Steps

Many people’s financial survival depends on private and commercial insurance, and in some states, certain policies are even required by law. People need insurance agents to help choose and navigate the best car insurance, house insurance, as well as casualty and property insurance deals for them. One-man insurance agencies that are just starting out can handle this process manually. Although automatically triggered, quality email marketing campaigns can make thousands of people feel special.

Take a look at the text below to find out how email marketing can help trigger the right email at the right time, for the right client, skyrocketing your agency into a more profitable, brighter future.

Build a Plan for Email Marketing Campaigns

If insurance agencies are there to tap into the insurance market and help insurers reach as many new clients as possible, insurance email marketing is how they make it work. Companies such as PathwayPort can help you build a series of email marketing campaigns to send clients depending on their online behavior. 

A policy is about to expire? Send a policy renewal reminder. Email campaigns also offer billing reminders and e-delivery options, making document delivery transition seamlessly from paper as another aspect of automation. Pre-renewal emails could inform clients to update their policy in case any changes were made. A person might purchase new luxury items or renovate a bathroom. Their policies would only cover the state of the insured property was in when the policy was purchased.

Any and all of these reminders, as well as upsells and cross-sells, can reach only the right client segments with the correct tools. Companies such as PathwayPort can integrate with a broker management system, and automate these processes for you. Download documents from the BMS, and let automation decreases the number of admin tasks you need to complete.

Use Top-Notch Copy and Responsive Design

Addressing clients by name, using stunning, clean visuals and enticing copy is sure to draw the clients’ attention. It makes you look professional, knowledgeable, and dependable. 

Building a visually appealing email campaign is not enough though – you also need to make it responsive, and easy to navigate via a smartphone. 

Over two-thirds of smartphone users check their email via phone. Don’t forget to match the insurer’s logo and website colors. This makes every email coming from a policyholder’s insurer instantly recognizable helps build their brand.

As for email copy, promotional content should also be informative, clear, and easy to understand. Put together, quality email copy and design are integral to making sales and helping policyholders understand (and therefore pursue) their options as clients.

Set Up Rating Systems

The best way to find out what your clients think of you is to ask them. Email marketing can help you get that much-needed feedback. Both positive and negative experiences are valuable. Negative feedback helps you change for the better, be more proactive in winning clients over, and earning their trust. 

Positive feedback, on the other hand, can be used in testimonials and even review sites, spreading the good word about your company. Knowing how your clients feel about your service is of vital importance for improving your service, and making your clients feel heard.

Set Up Relevant Upsells and Cross-Sells

Ignorance about the cost of insurance seems is the top reason why people remain underinsured. According to a recent study, as many as 44% of Millennials exaggerate the price of life insurance by five times the true amount. With the current trend of bundling insurance (using the same insurer to purchase multiple policies), email marketing has made educating policyholders easier than ever. 

A client purchased home insurance from you? Offer them additional flood insurance coverage with a discount. Your client probably did not know flood insurance was not a part of their home insurance package, and it almost never is.

Monitor Your Success

Feedback is important, but you can also use your email-building platform to monitor the minutest details about the success of your email campaigns. Check for the number of clicks, opens, click-throughs, response rate, and conversions on a daily basis. Get monthly reports on user engagement, and revise your email marketing strategies accordingly. 

Do A/B tests to determine which design ideas performed better, and which subject lines drew more clicks. By determining what your various clients respond to well, you can adjust your marketing strategy, and pick the winning options.


Automation via email marketing as a business model helps you treat all clients with respect to their unique online behavior. You can send relevant email campaigns to thousands of people on a daily basis, targeting the right people with policy renewal reminders, insurance update reminders, even news of natural hazards. The agility, timeliness, and personalization of successful email marketing campaigns work to the benefit of policyholders and insurers alike.


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