Online Selling: 5 Ways To Increase Your Income In 2022

Online Selling: 5 Ways To Increase Your Income In 2022

That’s it! You have found THE product or service that will revolutionize 2022, and you do not wait for orders to rain to sell on the internet. Yes, but there you have it, how do you distinguish yourself among the multitude of online sales sites? How to attract the customer and make him click on “Validate my purchase”?

As we like lists, we offer you 5 ways to improve your online sales site and boost your web income in 2022:

1: Optimize your product sheets
2: Optimize your site for conversion
3: Create a social media store to sell online
4: Use appropriate advertising formats
5: Use the relevant platforms to sell your products

 1. Optimize Your Product Sheets for SEO

For your e-commerce site to generate online sales, it must first appear in the first results when your potential buyer uses a search engine. The first way to do this is to optimize your product pages in order to improve the user experience and boost your conversion rate and your web income.

To improve the natural referencing of your site and sell on the internet, you must optimize each of the components of a product sheet:

1: Pay close attention to your title
2: Once you’ve identified the keywords that are relevant to your industry, be sure to include them in your title! This not only will your structure be clear to Google’s algorithms, but your user will more effectively reach the page they are looking for.

A good headline that will boost your online income should contain:

1: your brand name
2: the name of your product
3: one of its properties

Make Sure Your Descriptions are Complete

If you thought your product description was just a drop-down list of features, think again! On the contrary, it must be worked by following the points below:

1: Avoid duplication of content at all costs, including simply copying the factual description of the supplier, or duplicating the same description for two different products
2: Structure your description using headings and subheadings
3: Include in your paragraph the keywords associated with the products, as well as the associated semantic field
4: The detail in a few points the advantages and characteristics of your product
5: Work on a longer description if you want to work on your SEO, in the form of a “For more information” tab for example
6: Do not forget to include easy access to ordering to increase your web income!
7: To measure the share of duplicate content on your website, use the free Siteliner tool.

Insert Quality Images and Photos

1: To attract customers and generate online sales on your website, simple text is rarely enough. Optimize your presence on Google Images by illustrating each of your product sheets, because this is how users do their purchase research and you will be able to sell on the internet.
2: Don’t forget to include a description and your keyword in your ALT tag to boost your SEO.

2. Improve Your Conversion Rate to Increase Your Web Income

Once you have created your product sheets to boost traffic to your online store, you need to perfect your site to sell on the internet. To do this, focus on the following elements to reassure your customer and optimize your conversions:

Display Your Certifications

In addition to the reviews left by Internet users, it is important that you can share more complete testimonials from former buyers or partner companies. This will strengthen your credibility in the eyes of your future customers and increase your online sales.

Likewise, do not hesitate to post on your home page certifications that guarantee the professionalism of your company. Here are some examples used by our agency:

Work on the Richness of Your Content

In the same way, as for the product sheets, it is important to work on the richness of the content of your e-commerce site. When we know that 78% of users want more images and 30% more videos when shopping online, it is all the more crucial to integrate multimedia content on your online stores, such as an explanatory video of your proposed services, or the use of your products, as the e-commerce giant Asos does.

Encourage Your Customers to Post Reviews and Comments

Finally, it will be all the easier for you to sell on the internet if former consumers have left reviews and comments. On the one hand, this will reassure the user about your seriousness and quality, and on the other hand, it will be taken into account by Google when the search results appear. And don’t panic if your reviews don’t reach 10/10 when you know that 7 out of 10 users trust a site more when they see both positive and negative reviews.

Advocate for Transparency on Purchasing Conditions

Nothing worse for a user than to discover at the last minute conditions or hidden costs during their purchase process! Be sure to communicate to your customer from the start all the costs included in his order, as well as all the terms of payment and delivery.

01: Embedding the logos of the secure payment and delivery methods you use can be a great tip to reassure your customer that they can purchase with confidence.

Create an FAQ

When optimizing your site for conversion, you should also think about the various questions that a user may have when ordering from you, such as:

1: Do you offer free delivery? What are the holdups?
2: What are the payment methods offered?
3: Which countries do you ship to?

Thus, if your answers are clear, effective, and immediate, he will be all the more able to finalize his purchase.

Add a Live Chat

In the same vein, do not hesitate to use an instant messaging service to respond directly to your customers’ questions about your products or services. This can make the difference between a lost user who leaves your website and one who goes on to purchase!

3. Create A Social Media Store to Sell on the Internet

To increase your web income, consider creating your online store on social networks! 30% of buyers say they are ready to consume directly via these platforms, so now is the time to get started!

Add a Store to your Facebook Page

To create your own Facebook store, all you need to do is activate this feature from your Facebook Company page and sell physical products (not services). Thus, you will be able to take advantage of the many advantages offered by the platform:

1: be completely free
2: be mobile-friendly
3: offer an unlimited catalogue of products online without an e-commerce site

As on a classic product sheet, your user will have access to all the information necessary for future purchase:

1: product title
2: her picture
3: his price
4: its description
5: the link that leads to the final purchase

Activate Instagram Shopping

Likewise, to set up an Instagram store, your Instagram Business account must be linked to your Facebook Business account. You will thus reach a target more ready to consume on mobile, with greater purchasing power.

4. Use the Right Advertising Formats to Increase Your Online Sales

Once your product sheets are created, and your site is optimized for conversion, you now need to attract potential customers and improve traffic to your store to sell on the internet and multiply your web income! Use different discounts and offers to attract customers to your website. Beowulf is offering a beerwulf discount code to attract potential customers.

Also, Facebook Ads will be your best ally because the social network allows a real personalization of the advertisements according to your targets, objectives, and budgets.

Too many SMEs do not devote enough time and budget to their Facebook marketing: do not make this mistake and maximize all the potential offered by the platform!

Answering these few questions will allow you to effectively establish the ad to share:

1: Who do you want to sell your products to? Your audience can be very large (women between 25 and 40 years old in Canada) as well as ultra-targeted (men between 25 and 30 years old living in the Old Port fans of Game of Thrones).
2: What products in my catalogue should be highlighted to best increase my web income?
3: What is the most relevant location: on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram? To do this, you can analyze the performance of your old posts by location to determine the best strategy to adopt.
4: Do I want to increase my notoriety? My conversion rate? You can select the most relevant strategy with your objective among the 11 offered by Facebook Ads for selling on the internet.
5: When we know that half of the users with an intention to purchase go through Amazon, your presence is crucial! What do I want to use: image, video, carousel, collection, a slideshow?
6: What is the budget I can allocate for this advertisement? Is it a daily budget or a lump sum?

Based on the answers you have established, Facebook will offer you the most suitable advertisement.

Also take advantage of new features in Facebook and Instagram, such as ads through stories, to increase your visibility and proximity to your users.

5. Use Referral Platforms to Sell Your Products

To increase your online sales and therefore your web income, do not hesitate to optimize the functionality of the essential Google Shopping as much as possible. This tool allows you to highlight the products on your site through Google Ads, both at the top and right of the search results page and on the Shopping tab, and to redirect users to your own store.

The Google Shopping algorithm is just as demanding as that of the search engine, so you must apply the previous tips to appear among the first results: relevance of your keywords, the product page and your ad, quality of your e-commerce site for conversion. All these conditions are already normally met!

However, opening and promoting your own online sales site can sometimes be expensive and complex to set up.


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