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Know when and what your employees are working on

When choosing the right time tracking tool, it is essential to understand that different types of tools are available in the market. Tools like Wrike, Mavenlink, and Zoho Projects all provide the powerful features for various professional organizations.

However, the features of time tracking in these tools are only available in a larger project management companies.

In response to all of this, organizations are paying a massive chunk of cash for things like progress reports, file storage, shift management, and in-app chat. On the other hand, there is other time tracking tool in its purest form like ‘Hubstaff,’ beginning at five dollars per month.


Hubstaff is an internet observing software which allows you to track down the entire active minutes of your employees, check up on the employees who are busy and who are not working. You also have access to the complete information about the websites they visit and prepare a report based on their internet activities.

The software may sound a little complicated but is quite simple. The website is also known for its effective monitoring system which assists the organizations in managing their firm’s largest asset – their time and their employees. It doesn’t matter how many team members you have in your organization, the application monitors and grows with the organization.

Pros – Perfect Software:

The best thing about Hubstaff is its screen capture feature. It is essential when the entire team of your organization is running slowly. This process kept them hooked for a long time and focused on their work. Once their work is done, they are allowed to take their well-earned breaks.

With the team management page, it is quite easy to manage a team. When you are working with a more significant team which is not part of your plan, you have the advantage of turning off a few inactive team members, for which you won’t be charged at all.

The level indicator on the same page is a fantastic feature as well. When you notice that it’s nose-diving, you can notify your staff and seek assistance from them.

As mentioned earlier that Hubstaff can monitor the work of all the employees of your organization and records all their activities. For instance, it might look that one of your employees is working hard but not generating the results; the application provides color-coded monitoring.

Green shows that an employee is working actively and tracks down all the websites he’s visiting or not, and if they are related to work or not. Red shows that an employee is not active. In certain situations, a user might be working, but its monitoring activity might be showing red, indicating that they are not working efficiently on the program they are asked to do.

Cons – Report Generation:

The feature of generating reports is not helpful at all and should be changed. A lot of things are handled by different kinds of pages at the same time. In my opinion, it would be better to have different pages for different purposes.

What Makes It Different From Others?

Unlike other tools, Hubstaff provides a complete guide for the beginners along with different walkthrough videos. These guides help the newbies in understanding the software effectively and allow them to set up in their organizations and monitor their staff quickly.

If you are unable to locate the information you are seeking in the guidelines or on the website, you have the advantage of creating a support ticket, and a representative from Hubstaff will contact you in no time.

Final Verdict:

A tool worthy of purchase; with this tool you can review the information through the automatically generated reports and address any issues with the employees.



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