6 Steps To Improve Home Security

6 Steps To Improve Home Security

Home security is one of the things that most of us want/require but fail to take precautions for it. We tend to take any action only if any difficult situation happens such as a burglar breaking into your house or a fire accident etc. But it is always good to be safe than sorry, just like your daily activities, it is equally important to take specific measures to secure your home. Let us have a look at how you can be preemptive in securing your home.

Get Your Locks/Windows Secured

This is the essential step for every house as it the primary entry lane for the burglars. A house with a weak door jamb has a higher risk of burglary. If you notice any slight problem with your door, get it fixed as soon as possible. Avoid using sliding windows as they are easy to break in; instead, go for the usual windows, which are a lot more firm and safe. In case you are thinking to go ahead with glass sealing then choose a high-proof glass which is quite hard to break.

Install Alarm System

Having an alarm system might not guarantee you a burglar-free situation but can deter and prevent most of the unwanted cases. Choose the ones that come with medical assistance which instantly notifies the respective department about the problem, be it fire accidents, poisoning of carbon dioxide or burglary. Purchase the one with a light on the surface, which indicates that it’s working; this keeps you updated about the working of the system.

Invest in a Home Automation System

Investing in a home automation system can help you major, especially if you’re someone who forgets to secure doors and windows. If you’re a working family and are always in a hurry to rush to the office, there are chances you might forget to lock them. In such cases, being able to access your home locks remotely using your phone will be of huge advantage.

Install a Home Security System

According to the recent survey, homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into than homes with a security system. So it is always a better idea to have a security system installed at home. For standalone buildings, you can opt for security systems or gadgets that provide security in every case. And for apartment complexes or housing societies choosing a mobile-based security app will be of great use. Today’s systems also come with a visitor management feature which allows the users to approve/deny the entry of new visitors using their mobile.

Fix a Surveillance Camera

Having surveillance cameras can be a good idea as it allows you to monitor the movements of people moving inside and outside the property. These act as deterrents in most of the cases. Make sure that the camera produces high-quality images so that it is easy for you to monitor. Locate them in the areas where it is usually isolated or near the doors and windows which allows you to capture the face of the burglar in case of any such situation.

Do Not Leave Spare Keys

For our convenience, we tend to hide the spare key under the doormat or near the entrance door so that other house members can enter when you’re not home. But this is a major mistake that most of us do. Burglars are smart enough to understand things and are quite intelligent in finding out the places where the keys are hidden. It is always a better idea to carry the keys with you instead of putting it near the door.

Now that you know all the things that are required or to be done for securing your home, it’s time you invest the amount now rather than investing it later after knock down. Be mindful about the planning and your home will be the safest!

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