How to Use Search Engine Optimization for Effective Real Estate Marketing

How to Use Search Engine Optimization for Effective Real Estate Marketing

With digital technology getting better and better, the expectations of homebuyers are evolving continuously as well. But do you have the right plan for marketing your real estate business so that you can catch up with these evolving customer needs? To be honest, you should definitely go with a digital mindset if you really want to see your real estate business thrive. The stats say that around 86 percent of homebuyers find property websites to be the most impressive information source that helps them make the right choice. And, 44 percent of homebuyers today start looking online when they begin a property search.

So, that emphasizes how important it is to maintain your presence online effectively, and real estate SEO is undoubtedly the way to go. Here have some key strategies and tips that you need to follow for ranking your property website higher in SERPs. Let’s have a look.

  1. Make Your Business Website Fast, Secure And Mobile-Friendly

As mentioned earlier, 44% of homebuyers today start their search for a dream home online. Furthermore, 72% of all home searches are initiated from mobile devices. Yes, as the internet brings everything right to your fingertips, that’s where modern home buyers start looking. So, if you plan on capturing their attention, you must make their experience easygoing and be visible to them online while keeping yourself on top of the competitors.

In addition, most of the home seekers prefer making their searches on-the-go, and that means you have to ensure your website gives them as good an experience on mobile as it does on a desktop. You have to make sure your photos, videos and all the landing pages are optimized well for viewing on different mobile devices. Plus, your content should be tailored for consumption on-the-go, and you must ensure that all the photos, property listings and neighborhood information can be found easily on your mobile website. Similarly, your site should load quickly as well because, generally, most of the visitors will leave your WebPages if they don’t load up within three seconds.

  1. Choose Right Keywords For Real Estate SEO And Follow Best Practices

Apparently, with modern homebuyers searching for their desired properties online more than ever, you should be targeting the exact keywords they are seeking with. Stats show that 55% of all homebuyers making an online search click any of the top three results they see in the SERPs. So, if you’re not able to bring your website there, you’ll be losing prospects to the competitors.

And, obviously, you have to build your SEO around keywords but choosing the right keywords is the most crucial aspect of the entire effort. Try to target high volume keywords that are more relevant to your b2c or b2b marketplace. For example, if you are providing apartments for rent, your keywords can’t be about villas for sale. In addition, you must look for keywords that are top trending for your local area as well.

So, your keyword selection should be based on “search intent” and “search volume”. The intent here refers to “why” of any search while the volume refers to the number of people actually searching with your chosen keyword. Tools like Moz, Google Keyword Planner, and Keywords Everywhere can all help you to choose the right keywords for your real estate business. Try to include the ones listed in “Searches Related To” section at the bottom of SERPs as well.

  1. Local SEO Is The Latest Trend

With 58% millennials and around 46% of Generation X using mobile devices to find their new home, you must focus on the latest trend of local SEO. With search engines getting smarter and presenting users with local results for their searches, you must take advantage of and beat the competition with your local SEO tactics. Here we have listed a few things you should be focusing on while optimizing your property website for the local searches.

  • Target your content around local keywords for real estate industry like:
    • [City name] homes for sale
    • [City name] real estate listings
    • [City name] realtors
    • Houses for sale near me
  • Clean up the NAP citations: Make sure that your company’s name, phone number, and address are SAME across all the online assets you have maintained like your social profiles, business website, and the Google My Business listings.
  • Reviews: Reviews play a crucial part in local SEO. Make sure you solicit reviews regularly and try different review-building tactics for your search and social profiles.
  • Localized Content On Site: Keeping your site content more relevant to the local searches will mean that it is more likely to appear in the local search results. For example, you can create pages for every neighborhood, feature listing maps, and have local resources.
  • Local Directory Listings: It is also essential to claim as well as verify your listings on the local directories such as Yelp, Foursquare, Superpages, Yellowpages, etc.

So, these are some of the primary ways you can implement Search Engine Optimization for improving traffic, leads, and sales for your real estate business. There can be various other tactics you can employ as well, but these listed above give you an excellent point to start.

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